Speaking in Tongues, 29 November 1840, Sunday

-- 29 November 1840, Sunday
[William Clayton Writings] .... On this night (the 21st) Elder Turley addressed the saints while camped in the woods and it was a time long to be remembered. Some spoke in tongues and William Poole interpreted. ... (1)

-- Spring, 1841
[Joseph Lee Robinson] It came to pass that in the spring of 1841, as I was visiting with a Brother Charles H. Lang and family, that he requested me to bless him before I left him in the morning. We had a very interesting visit. I laid my hands upon his head in the name of the Lord and began to bless him in my mother tongue. I had said a few words and the spirit of the Lord rested upon me to talk in tongues. I broke out in an unknown tongue which I spoke to some length. Then, before I took my hands from his head, I gave the interpretation of that tongue in English. There were many good things said but among others a prophecy was uttered. We said to him that the Lord should open up the way for him and family that they should go up to Zion that season, as all the Saints that could expected to go that season. As he was a poor man with a wife and several helpless children, he had nothing else not so much as one cow. (2)

-- Aug 6, 1841
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] ... After spending an hour or two in the school we returned to Mr Burgess & took tea. Early in the evening Dr Noah Porter entered the room with his heart filled with madness anger & subtlety against the fulness of the gospel my testimony & Joseph Smith &c. He commenced conversation vary adruptly & we continued our conversation without sceaseation untill near 10 o-clock. I bore testimony unto him of the work of God Book of mormon &c but he rejected my testimony in the Strongest term & evry thing in the form of Prophets Apostles, revelation, Inspiration or the gift of the Holy Ghost, Healings Miracles tongues &c. Seemed to be much stired up because the work had come to Farmington. But I done my duty answered my mind, bore testimony of the truth.

After he left the house I prayed with the family & those present could see the spirit manifest in Dr Noah Porter was dictated by the powers of Darkness. I was glad to have this opportunity of bearing testimony to Dr Porter of the work of God that he might be left without excuse. I returned to my Fathers house but before retiring to rest I repaired to the river & cleansed my feet with water in testimony against Dr Noah Porter In obediance to the commandment of God that my garments might be clear of his blood & I say in the name of Jesus Christ that if he does not repent of the course he has persued in this thing, he will no longer Prosper but the judgments of God will be upon him. (3)

-- Sep 12, 1841
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 12 Sunday We tarried in Schenectady untill 9 o-clock. Received an addition of several passengers & proceded on. We passed Rome during the night. In the evening we sung a few Hymns & as soon as we closed Mr Roberts broke out in a tremendious noise which he called tongues. I reproved him before the whole company for his folly & impoliteness. His conversation had been such that the passengers would form an idea that he was in part a representative of the Latter Day Saints. I wished to change that Idea in the minds of the company for it was fals. He was not a member of the Church. (3)

-- Dec 26, 1841
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] Dec 26th Sunday I visited the sick in the morning & spent the fore part of the day in writing. I received A letter last evening from Br Azmon Woodruff of South Richland under Date Nov 15th 1841. Joseph the Seer Called upon me & others of the Twelve to attend meeting at his house. We did so in the evening & herd many good principles presented by presidents Joseph & Hyram Smith such as the following: Speak not in tongues to your own nation but to those of annother tongue. Then if one of another tongue interpets it will be a sign to the unbeliever, & then it would condemn those who heard if they rejected it for the Lord does not work in vain. Joseph spoke upon the 14 ch. 1 cor. Prophesies will cease &c ie. A person will cease or stop prophesying & not continue all the while &c untill we come to perfection or a fulness. Then part work will be done away. (3)

[Joseph Smith Sermon] Sunday, 26.--The public {meeting of the Saints was at my house this evening, and after Patriarch Hyrum Smith and Elder Brigham Young had spoken on the principles of faith, and the gifts of the Spirit, I read the 13th chapter of First Corinthians, also a part of the 14th chapter, and remarked that the gift of tongues was necessary in the Church; but that if Satan could not speak in tongues, he could not tempt a Dutchman, or any other nation, but the English, for he can tempt the Englishman, for he has tempted me, and I am an Englishman; but the gift of tongues by the power of the Holy Ghost in the Church, is for the benefit of the servants of God to preach to unbelievers, as on the day of Pentecost. When devout men from every nation shall assemble to hear the things of God, let the Elders preach to them in their own mother tongue, whether it is German, French, Spanish or "Irish," or any other, and let those interpret who understand the language spoken, in their own mother tongue,and this is what the Apostle meant in First Corinthians xiv: 27.} [Manuscript History of the Church] (4)

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