Speaking in Tongues, May 10, 1854

-- May 10, 1854
[Brigham Young Sermon] .... The Indians here are of the house of Israel yet they are our brethren in sorrow because of the sins of their fathers, and we are called to redeem them. .... Now mark it, that if you do not do this, I will tell you that it will not be a many years until your throats will be cut and the Indians will take scalps enough to make a wick-a-up, and you will write this down as a prophecy, and write it down too, that if you will follow my counsel and do as I tell you and build your walls and forts as I direct you, not one of you shall be hurt. Write it down that if you want to know why these things are so I will tell you, it is because God will not be mocked, and have the priesthood which he has given trampled upon, and if you that have the privilege of coming to this place, you are in a situation to save Israel. I will tell it right out here, there was an army of elders called to go to the Lamanites and there was not one man that manifested any wisdom about it, and that was Porter Rockwell, he is an old Mormon, he said, I think it best to go to the Lamanites and live with them and preach to them, and teach them, and to make them know that we are their friends, and stick by them until they do know the truth. I have heard the people speak in tongues and prophecy and say I have got to go and teach the Lamanites and teach them to work and prepare them to receive the gospel, but as soon as they come among them, they want to kill them, but at the same time they will steal worse than the Indians. Now what should you do in such a case? Kill the Mormon thief and teach the Indian, for I have a thousand excuses for the Indians, to where I have one for the brethren in stealing from and killing each other. ... (1)

-- May 21, 1854
[Brigham Young Sermon] .... We shall have to mingle this people until the whole house of Israel is gathered together and even the ten tribes come again to the earth and inhabit the land given to their fathers. We have a considerable pill to swallow but it is so. I am sure there are women present who have spoken in tongues that they would have to go among the Lamanites and instruct them to sew, to knit, to wash and perform all domestic works. And the men have said that they were going to preach to the Lamanites. I ask you now are you going to swallow your faith and eat up your own revelations and persecute [-] you degraded beings who are forsaken of God. Now I tell you the time has come that you will have to carry out that which you have seen years and years ago and make them honorable.... (1)

-- May 13, 1855 (Morning)
[Brigham Young Sermon] ... If the kingdom was left without the Presidency or Twelve, what should we do, let's see, in Great Salt Lake we have got President and Councillors of Stake, and High Council, 19 Bishops, one in each ward. Great Salt Lake is in difficulty, we want to know what the Lord designs about the temple. How shall I find out, says the architect? I can tell you how. Who is the leading man, the President David Fullmer. He presides over all the counsellors, and the High Council, and all officers of the Stake. Well, we will fast and pray, not for this invitation to speak in tongues and this brother and sister interpret. In D. Fullmer should be concentrated all the faith, and if they had common sense they would do this. David Fullmer is the man who should get the word of the Lord, and the only man who can dictate in absence of the Twelve and First Presidency.... (1)

-- May 23, 1855
Attended a party given to John Steel and W. C. Mitchell, who are appointed to go on a mission. Zilpha, wife of Elder G. A. Smith spoke in tongues with great power: also Job P. Hall: and Prest J. C. L. Smith sang in tongues. Prest Smith gave the interpretation of Sister Zilpha's tongue, which was to encourage the missionaries; and warned and reproved the sisters for their non-compliance with the law of celestial marriage, and predicted many things that should come upon them, and the trials shortly to come upon the saints. (2)

-- Jul 15, 1855
[Brigham Young Sermon] ... B. Young said he had something to say concerning the saving of Israel. Can not imagine that we could have need [of] this priesthood had it not have been for this Book of Mormon. Here we are of the Gentiles and inasmuch as we have received of this gospel, that duty binds us to look after this House of Israel [Indians]. The Lord makes it our duty to look after the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The Lord has planted this people in the midst of the House of Israel; and no matter how we profess to be an enlightened people, but when we come to the principles of eternal life we have wandered far from the true faith. Yet we account of these traditions of the Gentiles. We have imbibed those things in our hearts. We are now called to look after Israel, who are a loathsome people. Yet some of the Gentile nations are not filthy as any [of] these Indians. They will eat that which we would not. The Lord in his wisdom has appointed our location in the midst of Israel, which is a astounding miracle. How many times have you heard it spoken in tongues and prophesied of in days past and said that you should yet go and teach the Lamanites. If the Latter-day Saints are faithful in these things of teaching that people, all will be well with us; but if we neglect it we shall regret it, and they always, yeah, ever and ever.... (1)

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