Speaking in Tongues, Fall, 1839

-- Fall, 1839
[Joseph Lee Robinson] Some received the gift of tongues and some prophesied. I, your humble servant, did receive the gift of tongues which I covet very much, particularly the gift to sing in tongues which I did receive in a remarkable manner. Many times we sang in our congregations for Saints, for the Lord did pour out his spirit abundantly upon me, not only in singing in tongues, for we have seen strong men sit and shake like a poppy leaf, also to the great edification and comforting of the Saints. (1)

-- December 6
[Brigham Young] -- Brother Haight took his team, and we rode with him to Brother Joseph Murdock's, in Hamilton, Madison County, where we arrived on the 7th, in the evening. Brother George A. was confined to his room sick, and received a thorough series of Thompsonian nursing. I found the Saints in confusion; they had the gift of tongues among them, and the interpretation, and they were so ignorant of the nature of these gifts that they supposed that everything which was spoken in tongues was immediate revelation from God; a false spirit had therefore crept in, and division was the result. I taught them that when they spoke in tongues the language might be from the Lord, but with that tongue they spoke the things which were in their hearts, whether they were good or evil; the gift of tongues was given for a blessing to the Saints, but not to govern them, nor to control the elders, or dictate the affairs of the Church. God had placed in the Church different gifts; among which were apostles, prophets, helps and governments, and wisdom was profitable to direct. Before leaving, the Saints came to an understanding on these matters. The brethren were very kind to us: Brother Benager Moon gave me satinette to make me an overcoat; Sister Lucetta Murdock made it for me; this was a great blessing to me, as I had worn a quilt, with a comforter run through it, in lieu of an overcoat, all the way from Nauvoo, which had not much of a ministerial appearance. Held meetings on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. (2)

-- 1840: 21 January
[Patriarchal Blessings] Martha Jane Knowlton. (Given by Joseph Smith, Sen.)

... Thou art of the House of Israel, of the lineage of Joseph, and the covenant of Abraham and nothing can overthrow thee if faithful; and thou shalt surmount every difficulty; and, ere long thou shalt be filled with spirit of prophecy, gift of Tongues, and instruct the Lamanites in needle work; for the spirit testifies, these things were predicted at thy confirmation; and if faithful shall abide until Christ shall come. God shall bless thee all the way through life. Thou shalt not marry a Gentile for this is contrary to the order of heaven.... (3)

-- Feb 7, 1840. Friday.
[William Clayton Journal] .... Dinner at Kannons and then Brother Taylor gave me his blessing. He blessed me with wisdom and utterance so that I should be a wonder to myself and others. By the spirit. Ministering angels. He blessed Brother Fielding and then Brother F. blessed Brother Taylor. Brother T[aylor] afterwards give an address in tongues and interpreted. ... (4)

-- Feb 12, 1840. Wednesday.
[William Clayton Journal] ... Brother R[ichards] came to dinner. Went to see Brother Romney and prayed for him. Was troubled with temptation about the gift of tongues &c. Prayed with Sister Sumner. (4)

-- May 29, 1840. Friday.
[William Clayton Journal] ... . Brother Kimball and Young came to Hardman's and sung some and afterwards spake with each other in tongues. I had supper with Sarah and Rebecca. Brother Kimball went to Prince's. (4)

-- Jun 12, 1840. Friday.
[William Clayton Journal] At Council meeting a number of the saints attended. Brother Green almost got the gift of tongues. Brother Young spake in tongues. (4)

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