Speaking in Tongues, Before 10th of March, 1839

-- Before 10th of March, 1839
[Benjamin F. Johnson] And often at Mother Huntington's did we have the most spirited and enjoyable testimony or prayer meetings. There the gift of tongues came to me in power, and never has it left me. To Sister Zina was both the gift of tongues and interpretation given, and under the influence of our spiritual enjoyment it seemed we formed a mutual attachment, which before I left Far West grew into feelings of reciprocal love, with hopes, which although not realized in full, did not hinder our being ever the warmest and truest of friends. (1)

-- April 21, 1839
[Lorenzo Brown] Started on our westward journey to gather with the saints but where to go we hardly knew as this winter past the brethren were expelled from Missouri and there was now no particular location Our company was composed of my Father with two teams Grandfather Mumford, & Charles with one Enoch Crowel in one drawn by a single horse and John and Jesse Crosby who joined us two days after with a three hors team We were altogether fifteen in number. Had a first rate time on our journey laying still on Sundays and attending prayers both morning and evening. One Sunday while in the State of Ohio there was a violent storm of rain The next morning we had gone but a little way when we were stopped by a stream swollen high by the rain whilst consulting one of our number spoke in tongues which being interpreted was that if we attempted to cross some of us would drown This we afterward proved true. We stayed there all day the brethren killed game the sisters cooked. A pile of rails hard by made a very good table, and we had an excellent dinner. Each one contributing something. T'was a fine family and was enjoyed by all present (2)

-- June, 1839
Beginning in 1839, Joseph Smith begins to deemphasize "ecstatic tongues [or tongues for purely spiritual purposes], while at the same time limiting glossolalic practice to xenoglossia, or the ability to speak foreign languages." (3)

-- Jun 27, 1839
[Joseph Smith Sermon] Other important items of doctrines fromJoseph given in Commerce Ills

... Tongues.

Were given for the purpose of preaching among those whose language is not understood as on the day of Pentecost &c , & it is not necessary for tongues to be taught to the church particularly. for any man that has the Holy Ghost, can speak of the things of God in his own tongue, as well as to speak in another, for faith comes not by signs but by hearing the word of God. ... (4)

-- Before Aug 8, 1839
[Joseph Smith Sermon] ... There will be great manifestation of Spirit both false & true. &c. Being born again comes by the Spirit of God through ordinances. An angel of God never has wings. Some will say that they have seen a Spirit, that he offered them his hand, but they did not touch it. This is a lie. First it is contrary to the plan of God A Spirit cannot come but in glory. An angel has flesh and bones, we see not their glory. The Devil may appear as an angel of light. Ask God to reveal it, if it be of the Devil, he will flee from you, if of God he will manifest himself or make it manifest, we may come to Jesus & ask him. he will know all about it.--If he comes to a little child, he will adapt himself to the Language & capacity of a little child.--There is no Gold nor Silver &c. it is false, all is plain in heaven; every Spirit or vision or Singing is not of God. The Devil is an orator, [DEL: &c: :DEL] he is powerful: he took our Savior onto a pinnacle of the temple, & kept him in the wilderness forforty days. The gift of discerning spirits will be given to the presiding Elder, pray for him. that he may have this gift Speak not in the Gift of tongues without understanding it, or without interpretation, The Devil can speak in Tongues. The Adversary will come with his work, he can tempt all classes, Can speak in English or Dutch.--Let no one speak in tongues unless he interpret except by the consent of the one who is placed to preside, then he may discern or interpret or another may. Let us seek for the Glory of Abraham, Noah, Adam, the Apostles have communion with these things and then we shall be among that number when Christ comes. [Willard Richards Pocket Companion] (4)

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