Speaking in Tongues, Dec 29, 1844

-- Dec 29, 1844
[Brigham Young Sermon] .... Now the office of the Holy Ghost concerning the speaking in tongues and prophesying we know these things are brought to us to know that there is such a thing but we cannot tell how we know or whence they came for it is utterly impossible for us to speak these in our natural tongue. But they can be uttered by the spirit and also the interpretation is given in the same way. Now this is that what the Savior Jesus meant and said to Nicodemus in John 3, when he said the wind blows where it listeth, ye can hear the sound thereof but ye know not from whence it comes or wither it goes. So it is with everyone that is born of the spirit but he told Nicodemus that he spoke to him the things that he knew and understood and I bare witness of these that they are in our Church and are made manifest unto us in these last days by the power of the Holy Ghost. Amen. -- Nauvoo, Illinois [George Laub Journal] (1)

-- Mar 26, 1845
[Patriarchal Blessings] [Patriarchal Blessing of Matthias Cowley on March 26, 1845]

... and thou cause thine enemies to flee before thee, and thou shalt be able to put ten thousand of them to flight, thou shalt have the spirit of Prophecy, and Revelation, the gift of tongues, and be able to do many miracles in the name of [the] Lord - shalt live to see Israel gathered in fulness - the City of Zion built in Jackson County, Missouri, and the House of the Lord, and the cloud rest upon it, according to the Revelation. ... (2)

-- 18th of June [1845]
Brigham Young, George A. Smith, and myself went to the temple to see how things were progressing. The rafters were mostly on, all things going well. Returned home and found Sister Whitney. She anointed my wife and sang in tongues; I also sang and the Lord blessed us. (3)

-- Jun 19, 1845
[Heber C. Kimball] My wife porly. Br. come to work on my timber. Went to work reding history at W. Richards, B. Young, G. A. Smith. Br. Benson red for us. Sister Richards sent for us to Cloth us [in the robes of the Holy Order] and pray for hur as she felt as she should not live long. We offered up the Signs and praided for my wife; after dinner B. Young, G. A. and my self went to the Temple to see how things ware going on. The Rafters most on. All things going will. At fore in the after noon, we met at W. R. for prair, may the Lord bless His people. Present to this meting of the twelve B. Y. [Brigham Young], G. A. [George A. Smith], J. T. [John Taylor], Orson Pratt, Bishop Miller, Wm. Claton, W. R[ichards]. and my Self, Elder Levi Richards, A. Limon, O. Hide. We offerd prair Br. Whitney as he had gon to St. Lewis, that he might proper [prosper], also for Sister Richards, and for my wife that they might recover, that Elder Hide might prosper in the East, and that Jugment to come on Juge Young, that our Enimes might be cursed. Returned home found my wifee quite sick with fowing[?]. Sister Whitney come in annointed hur and sung in Toungs [tongues]. I also sung. The Lord blest us. (4)

-- Jun 20, 1845
[Patriarchal Blessings] Patriarchal Blessing of Sidney Roberts given by William Smith on June 20, 1845

... for the gift of wisdom shall be given unto thee and also the gift of tongues and by Revelations thou shalt speak unto the Gentiles and thy voice shall be unto them as one that hath a familiar Spirit and they shall say who is this that turneth things upside down yet thou shalt prosper in the labor of thy hands and in thy ministry and none shall hinder thee for the Spirit of God hath said it and it shall be fulfilled every whit upon thine head ... (2)

-- During June 1845
[Patriarchal Blessings] Patriarchal Blessing of Mathew L. Peck given by William Smith [no date, probably June 1845]

... the time shall come when enemies shall seek thy life but like Paul of old who was let from the window in a basket thou shalt escape from them thou shalt have the Spirit of prophecy to prophecy of things to come, and they shall come to pass. thou shalt also have the gift of tongues and speak in other languages the wonderful works of God thou shalt visit many cities and as a messenger of peace thou shalt be called upon to decide the cause of the innocent and stand before multitudes of people after thine enduement [endowment] ... (2)

-- Aug 4, 1845
[Patriarchal Blessings] Patriarchal Blessing of Charles Azleton given by William Smith on August 4, 1845

... true wisdom and true knowledge shall be given thee and the gift of discerning spirits and speaking other tongues a name that shall be like precious ointment for the Priesthood is also to thy posterity for of thee shall come a mighty people and their names shall be great prepare thyself watch unto prayer study to show thyself approved get wisdom and learning from the best books and works of nature seek the holy spirit that it may prepare thee for thy ministry ... (2)

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