Speaking in Tongues, 1878

-- 1878
Orson Pratt, who did not always agree with Young's teachings, complained about the infrequency of spiritual gifts, observing, "The reason why we have not enjoyed these more fully is, because we have not sought for them as diligently as we ought." [Journal of Discourses, 25:145] (1)

-- 5 February 1878
[Zebedee Coltrin] Thomas Matley, Wark Clerk, recorded the following address made at a meeting of the High Priests in Spanish Fork, Utah, February 5, 1878

"At Kirtland we were called to the school of the prophets, and at one time when Joseph was in the translating room, myself and others were talking about the gift of tongues, when the spirit of tongues fell upon me and I spoke under its influence. joseph came into the room and said, `God bless you Brother Zebedee, that is the spirit of God.' He told me to continue, and the gift of tongues and prophecy rested upon the greater part of the brethren present and we continued speaking in tongues and prophesying through that day and the greater part of the following night. ....

"In the Kirtland Temple I have seen the power of God as it was in the day of Pentecost and cloven tongues as of fire have rested on the brethren and they have spoked with other tongues as the spirit gave them utterance. I say the Lord high and lifted up, and frequently through the solemn assemblies. The angeles of God rested upon the Temple and we heard their voices singing heavenly music. At another time while consecrating a bottle of oil, we saw visibly the finger of God enter the mouth of the bottle. (2)

-- July 17, 1880
Meeting held on July 17, 1880:

Â"Sister Whitney then sang one of her sweet songs of Zion in the language which was spoken and sung (the Prophet Joseph said) by our first parents in the Garden of Eden. Sister Snow explained that Joseph Smith told Mother Whitney Â'If she would use the gift with wisdom it should remain with her as long as she lived.Â' Sister Zina then gave the interpretation. The theme of which was rejoicing and praise to the Great Author and Giver of good.Â" (3)

-- Thursday, January [February] 2, 1882
I attend fast meeting this forenoon at 10 O.C. Where the Spirit of God was made manifest. One of the Sisters Spoke in tongues Interpreted By Mother Crocket Wife of David Crockett12 deceased which was to the effect great calamities that were Shortly to come upon the nations exhorting the Sts. to not set their Hearts upon the things of the world & prepare themselves for the work of the Lord. A Synopsis of the above was given to me & I was filled So with the Spirit that I could not but give utterance only Briefly. (4)

-- Saturday, September 2, 1882
Sister Snow gave Some instructions to the Sisters in one unknown tongue and Blessed the children in another which was interpreted by Sister Zina Young.7 They both gave good instructions in our own Language. (4)

-- February 1, 1883
Being fast day Feb, 1st I went to meeting Considerable prophecying. Bro. L< N. Scovill was told in tongues that he should be promoted by the spirit to call his children together and bless them as the patriarchs of old; and tell them what should come to them if they would listen to his council. (5)

-- March 1, 1883
was Thursday and fast day. I went to the meeting, Had tongues and prophecy. Bro, Erastus F. Clark told a dream, which was, that he saw a terrible pestilence in Springville; the doctors could not find anything that would stop it or do it any good. It was a disease that they had never seen nor heard of. There were some persons that escaped the disease and a voice said to him, "Behold they upon /whom" the plague has no power are they that keep the word of wisdom," (5)

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