Speaking in Tongues, Jun 13, 1840. Saturday.

-- Jun 13, 1840. Saturday.
[William Clayton Journal] About 2 o'clock this A.M. Elizabeth Crooks began in her sleep to sing in tongues. She spake and sung in about 7 languages occupying about 2 hours. During the day Betsy Pool got the gift of tongues. (1)

-- Jun 14, 1840. Sunday.
[William Clayton Journal] ... In the P.M. Sister Pool spake in tongues then Rich[ard] Hardman James Mahon Sister Heath. We confirmed 4. Christiana Crooks and Jemima Whittaker spake in tongues. I preached on Galatians 1 though we are an angel &c. After preaching I baptized William Hardman and a young woman. (1)

-- Jun 27, 1840. Saturday.
[William Clayton Journal] Very poorly all day. At night Brother Green spake in tongues. The power of Satan was powerfully manifested upon some of the Sisters. Sarah gave me a pint of porter. (1)

-- Jun 29, 1840. Monday.
[William Clayton Journal] Went to Hart Street. Found them all confusion. One blaming another &c. To Sister Booth's to Dinner. She gave me 1/6. Stayed at the meeting. 2 spake in tongues. I addressed them and tried to encourage them to dilige[nce]. My face was very bad. (1)

-- Oct 6, 1840. Tuesday.
[William Clayton Journal] This day Elder Turley went to prove to the cabin passengers the rationality of prophecy and administration of angels. They will not admit of reasonable evidence. They found themselves confounded. At night Elizabeth and William Poole spoke in tongues. He prophesied of the death of his child. (1)

-- Oct 12, 1840
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] ... The People are much stired up in Manchester. Their will soon be persecution arise against the Saints in this town. The work is progressing. The servants of God have preached in the streets, & the town is warned & the methodist Preachers are much stired up against it. They gathered together at a house & sent for a young Brother, a Priest, by the name of James Mahon who had the gift of tongues to come & meet them & speak to them in Hebrew & if he did not speak to them correctly in Hebrew they would rise up against the work & try to overthrow it. They are watching for iniquity & trying to stir up the people against the work of God. (2)

-- November 21, 1840. Saturday.
[William Clayton Journal] This night we had to camp at a wood there being no houses near. We [had] some rain. Elder Turley and some others camped in the wood. He spake much to them and [called] upon those who had had quarrels to forgive each and manifest it. Many acknowledged their faults and asked forgiveness. Some spake in tongues and Wm. Poole interpreted. It was a time of rejoicing. (1)

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