Lorenzo Snow, 14 December 1848

-- 14 December 1848
[Birth of child] Birth of Child Roxcy Armatha Snow (mother: Charlotte Squires) (1)

-- During 1848
Age 34, arrived in Salt Lake valley. (2)

Lorenzo Snow: Moved to Salt Lake City 1848. (3)

[Marriage of Lorenzo Snow] Marriage to Eleanor Houtz (1)

-- Feb 12, 1849
Twelve ordain new men as apostles to fill administrative vacancies in quorum caused by service of three apostles in First Presidency, Lorenzo Snow is first apostle who has attended college (at Oberlin College). Charles C. Rich is first apostle to be a slave-owner and apostle at the same time. Heber C. Kimball writes to his first wife Vilate: "Your duty is to look after your children and teach your sisters [his plural wives]-to mind thare own business and to treet thare husband with respect and let my business alone and hold thare toungs when they want to speak evil to me...." (4)

Charles C. Rich, Lorenzo Snow, Erastus Snow, and Franklin D. Richards are ordained apostles and members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. This is done to replace those serving in the First Presidency and to replace the vacancy caused by the excommunication of Lyman Wight. (5)

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