Lorenzo Snow, Feb 13, 1849 (Afternoon)

-- Feb 13, 1849 (Afternoon)
[Brigham Young Sermon] Conversation on mesmerism until Lorenzo Snow presented the case of the African Race for a chance of redemption and unlock the door to them. President Young explained it very lucidly that the curse remains on them because Cain cut off the wives? of Abel to hedge up his way and take the lead but the Lord has given them blackness, so as to give the children of Abel an opportunity to keep his place with his descendants in the eternal words. -- Salt Lake City (1)

[Brigham Young Sermon] (Elder Lorenzo Snow wished to know what chance of redemption there was for the Africans.) President Young replied, that the curse remained upon them because of Cain cut off the lives of Abel, to prevent him and his posterity getting the ascendancy over Cain and his generations, and to get the lead himself, his own offering not being accepted of God, while Abel's was. But the Lord had cursed Cain's seed with blackness and prohibited them the priesthood that Abel and his progeny might yet come forward, and have their dominion, place, and blessings in their proper relationship with Cain and his race in the world to come. -- Salt Lake City (1)

-- Feb 16, 1849
[Brigham Young Sermon] ... Brother Lorenzo Snow made some remarks on the character of Jesus Christ, and asked for light. I replied: While on a mission to England, the following came forcibly to my mind '" '"As God was, so are we now; as he now is, so we shall be.'" Our Father was once born of parents, having a father and mother the same as we have. He is the very eternal Father, because of the creation of God. He is the Savior of the world, the root of spirit and the offspring of flesh, the Only Begotten of the Father in the flesh. The Father came down and begat him, the same as we do now, and Jesus was the only one. Moses was as God to the children of Israel, so was Joseph to us, and no man could love God without loving Joseph. In him centered the revelations of God. The Spirit went right to him and told him. The spiritual wife doctrine came upon me while abroad, in such a manner that I never forget. Particular things belong to one blood, but, after all, we are of one blood and one flesh, all the nations of the earth. Joseph said to me '" '"I command you to go and get another wife.'" I felt as if the grave was better for me than anything, but I was filled with the Holy Ghost, so that my wife and Brother Kimball's wife would upbraid me for lightness in those days. I could jump up and hollow. My blood was as clear as West India rum, and my flesh was clear. I said to Joseph, '"Suppose I should apostatize, after taking another wife, would not my family be worse off?'" Joseph answered '" '"There are certain bounds set to men, and if a man is faithful and pure to these bounds, God will take him out of the world; if he sees him falter, he will take him to himself. You are past these bounds, Brigham, and you have this consolation.'" But I never had any fears of not being saved. Then I said to Joseph, I was ready to go ahead. He passed certain bounds before certain revelations were given. I instructed the Twelve to bless the bishops and set them apart for their several wards, although they might have been previously ordained bishops. First Account. -- Salt Lake City [Manuscript History of Brigham Young, 1847- 1850. William S. Harwell, ed. Collier's Publishing, 1997.:156-158] (1)

1 - The Complete Discourses of Brigham Young, Ed. Richard S. Van Wagoner, Smith-Pettit Foundation, Salt Lake City (2009)

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