Lorenzo Snow, November, 1850

-- During November, 1850
Snow assigned Stenhouse to Switzerland at the end of November and put Italy in Woodard's hands before departing a month later. (1)

-- During 1850
In Utah Valley, where a number of new settlements were founded during the year, the Saints had trouble with the Indians. The first missions of the Church were opened in France, Italy and Denmark by Apostles John Taylor, Lorenzo Snow and Erastus Snow respectively, assisted by other Elders. Later in the year the first Latter-day Saint Elders also arrived in Switzerland and in Hawaii (Sandwich Islands) and commenced missionary labors. The Territory of Utah was created by act of Congress. (2)

(Fanny Stenhouse) Soon after their marriage, Elder Stenhouse was called as the first English missionary to Italy, with Lorenzo Snow as his companion. Three years later, Fanny finally rejoined her husband in Switzerland. His request for a release from his mission was granted in 1854. (3)

-- Jan 15, 1851
First of Brigham Young's five formal divorces from plural wives. He is only one formally divorced while serving as church president. Joseph Smith informally ended several plural marriages, and four LDS presidents are formally divorced as apostles (John Taylor, Wilford Woodruff, Lorenzo Snow and Joseph F. Smith) (4)

-- During February, 1851
At Turin, en route to England, in January or early February 1851, he published his Only Way to be Saved in French along with another French pamphlet, La Voix de Joseph . But publishing these works in Italy had proved frustrating for him, so for ten months he remained in London, overseeing the translation and printing of the Book of Mormon in Italian. (1)

-- Sep 22, 1851
Sixth General Epistle-- SIXTH GENERAL EPISTLE of The Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, from Great Salt Lake Valley, to the Saints Scattered Throughout the Earth. Greeting:- ...In Italy the work is gradually progressing, under the Presidency of Elder Lorenzo Snow, and the deep-rooted tradition of ages is beginning to give place to sober reflection and the light of truth. Elder Snow is translating (if not already completed,) the Book of Mormon into the Italian language. ... (5)

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