Lorenzo Snow, Oct 6, 1855

-- Oct 6, 1855
[Hosea Stout Diary] Satur Oct 6 1855. General Conference held untill Monday evening the 8th inst. There were a larger concourse of people than at any previous conference[.] My house was crouded and my wife & sister quite used up waiting on company. Ezra T. Benson Lorenzo Snow of the Twelve and Phineas H. Youn High Priest were appointed to Europe on missions to go in the spring – (1)

-- Oct 7, 1855
Council Oct[obe]r. 7. 1855 4 PM

Conversation on O[rson]. Pratt s sermon G[eorge]. A. S[mith:] That very sermon will wake up many, that are dead.

B[righam] Y[oung:] I think the Congregation will think the Bible was of very little use when Orson got thro'

What is going to be our business tomorrow[?]-Jar denies all about it-I dont want to bring George Greenwood into difficulty if he was mistaken in the words-I want some Elders to preach to the Whites in Utah Ter[ritory]: I want bro Lorenzo Snow /to relieve F[ranklin] D. Richards/ & Ezra T Benson will go to L[iver] pool next spring-[T]hat is a business station-[T]he Clerk there wants to come awa[y] next season' ... (2)

-- During 1855
Fast day inaugurated as first Thursday of each month. (3)

-- Jan 2, 1856
[Hosea Stout Diary] Wednesday 2 Jan 1856. The two Houses met in joint session at ten a. m. The special joint committee to whom was referred the Bill on counties reported "An Act in relation to counties which was read, recieved and passed its first reading[.] The Bill was taken up on its second reading and passed with several amendments, adding several new counties and finally passed its third reading said Bill provides for the organization of some 8 new counties.

Mr Cumming presented a "Resolution in relation to the election of the Chancellor and Board of Regents and Treasurer of the University of the State of Deseret, which was read and duly passed.

The following officers were then elected by the joint vote of the House....

Code Commissioner William Snow Lorenzo Snow ... (1)

-- Jan 6, 1856
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] ...Lorenzo Snow spoke to the people first & was followed by president Young. Brother Snow spoke upon the subject of obeying Council & following their leaders without inquiring why they are called to do it. ... (4)

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