Lorenzo Snow, Dec 22, 1852

-- Dec 22, 1852
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] Dec 22d Wednesday evening The quorum of the Twelve met In the upper Room of the Council House at 6 oclok. Here was Assembled together Eleven of the Twelve Apostles. All of the quorum were present Except Elder Orson Pratt (who had gone to Washington the seat of Government to preach Salvation & Eternal truth to Presidents Senators & Legislators that they might be left without Excuse). The meeting with Eleven of that quorum was A Blessing I never before enjoyed during my life. I never saw so many of the Twelve to gether at any one time.

... Lorenzo Snow next followed & said He felt some as Amasa. Did know not whare to begin. He felt that his sentiments & feelings were Shadowed forth in his labours. I have great Joy in meeting with you & beholding your faces & contemplating the influence & power of this quorum & the greatness of their work. I anticipate much this winter in our meetings & in enjoying the blessings of God. I have rejoiced this night to hear the exhalted expressions of the quorum in rendering thanksgiving to God & not one word of complaint or hardships imprisionments or affliction of any kind but are filled with hidden Joy & pleasure. I feel determin to do all the work that is assigned me that I may be worthy of a place in this quorum. I felt thankful to hear the blessings pronounced upon us by our president. He Closed with Joy & Thanksgiving ... (1)

-- During 1852
Age 38, organized Polysophical Society in Salt Lake city, Utah, to promote cultural refinement. (2)

(Lorenzo Snow) As a youth Lorenzo was often "hid up with his book." He was so fascinated by military tactics that his sister Eliza made him a military uniform: "My brother took as much pride [in it], if not of military pride, of self- satisfaction, as ever Napoleon." (3)

(Lorenzo Snow) At age 30, married Harriet Amelia Squires and Charlotte Squires on the same day in October, 1844. He also simultaneously married Hannah and Mary Ann Goddard in 1845. Later wives were Sarah Ann Prichard (1845), Eleanor Houtz (1848), Caroline Horton (1853), Mary Elizabeth Houtz (1857), Phoebe Amelia Woodruff (1859), and Sarah Minnie Jenson (1871). His wife Hannah left him shortly after their marriage in 1845, though she did not divorce him until 1852. He had forty-two children. (3)

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