Lorenzo Snow, June 25, 1850

-- June 25, 1850
Lorenzo Snow came ashore at Liverpool on April 19, 1850, paused in England for two months, and then left for Italy on June 15 with Joseph Toronto, a native of the Isle of Sardinia, and an English convert Thomas B. H. Stenhouse, reaching Genoa on the 25th. (1)

-- Jun 25, 1850 (Tuesday)
Apostle Lorenzo Snow and Elders Joseph Toronto and Thos. B.H. Stenhouse arrived at Genoa, Italy, as the first Latter-day Saint missionaries to that country. (2)

-- July 1, 1850
On July 1 [Snow] sent Toronto and Stenhouse to the Waldensian valleys in Piedmont and joined them there three weeks later. (1)

-- Jul 1, 1850 (Monday)
Elder Thos. B. H. Stenhouse and Joseph Toronto left Genoa, Italy, according to appointment by Apostle Lorenzo Snow, to visit the Protestant valleys of Piedmont. (2)

-- Jul 23, 1850 (Tuesday)
Apostle Lorenzo Snow left Genoa, Italy, and traveled via Turin to La Tour, in the valley of Luzerne, Piedmont. (2)

-- August 1, 1850
About the first of August Toronto went to Sicily, and on September 18 Jabez Woodard joined Snow and Stenhouse in Piedmont. The following day, on a mountain outside Torre Pellice, Snow organized a branch of the Church in Italy with four members—himself, Stenhouse, Woodard, and Toronto. (1)

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