Lorenzo Snow, Sunday, Apr 4, 1847.

-- Sunday, Apr 4, 1847.
[Apostle Willard Richards Journal] Cloudy day, wind from southeast. Dr. [Richards] rose about 10. Presidents Young and Richards with Brother Shirtleff from Punca in the office at 11. Meeting at stand in forenoon. Brothers Pratt and Benson preached in forenoon. Afternoon, Brothers Lorenzo Snow, Brigham Young, and Amasa Lyman preached (see R. C.'s [Robert Campbell's] minutes). (1)

-- During June 1847
[Death of child] Death of Child Leonora Charlotte Snow (mother: Charlotte Squires) (2)

-- 16 July 1847
[Birth of child] Birth of Child Abigail Harriet Snow (mother: Harriet Amelia Squires) (2)

-- 30 November 1847
[Birth of child] Birth of Child Eliza Sarah Snow (mother: Sarah Ann Prichard) (2)

-- Dec 18, 1847
Dec[embe]r. 18. 1847-4 P.M. Meeting of the Council of the Twelve in the Drs. Office. Present[: Brigham] Young, [Willard] Richards, [Amasa] Lyman, [George A.] Smith, [Orson] Pratt, W[illiam]. Clayton, Lorenzo Young /Snow./ Cha[rle]s. R. Dana.

Letter from Levi W. Hancock-Pueblo de los Angelos-[was] read ' Lorenzo Snow-[M]y object in coming up is to see what advantages would be rec[eive]d. in removing from Pisgah-[I]n regard to bro Dana s Mission I have the principal items on paper-I hoped that we co[ul]d. depend on the Pioneer Co[mpany]., to 200. bush[els] of Grain-but I now see we cant depend but have to take 300 lbs of bread stuff.

B. Y.[:] I will venture to say that I have taken 4 to 1 in regard to the whole Ch[urch]. & dont depend on what the Pioneers have done-[W]hat I understand is bro Taylor s Co[mpany]s. Cattle trailed down the road & destroyed all the crops-

L. Snow. I understand El[der] Hyde has cost some little censure on our sending the mission-

[W]e had the example of Garden Grove-I consider we had no right to call on any Saints, but the Gentiles, & to get means to remove from Pisgah-

Dana-[W]e did not say we were sent to the branches-if they lent us money, we refunded it, Snow-[T]hey went to Washington & have produced the best of influences-& now any one can assist without any disgrace-[B]ro Dana brot $250 in Cash, a wagon, span of Horses, [and] some Domestics-altogether near [$]300. [H]e has left three boxes of 2nd hand clothing worth near [$]300. [I]f the 12 are willing I want to turn that property into Wagons or some tangible Corn & raise a Pioneer Co[mpany]. for the general good-or we will turn the property into your hands-(the 12)-

Dana[: W]here a dollar was given to my own individual use I noted it-

Snow-I never went on a mission but it has been about 16 or 18 [dollars], out of my pocket-I dont know what they did in Garden Grove-[B]ro Fulmer sent up an Express to say the mob sent a delegate to say the Mormons must leave G[arden]. Grove. [H]e did not deliver out the property-[He] bro[ugh]t [and] Pratt tho[ugh]t. they had better means to assist themselves there, than we had. I thot. when we had got thro a year from next Spring I tho[ugh]t. it better to donate the property to the 12.

Read his questions-What shall be done with [the] property[?]: (about [$]300.)

G. A. S.[: U]se it to help off the Pisgah folks-"I move that they use it according to bro Pratts intentions /& statements["]-/ O Pratt sec[onde]d. Carried.

W. Richards[:] I propose that bro Snow be a little merciful to bro Dana-

B. Young[:] If you take bro Holman s family, remember I shall not give them one pound of provisions-We shall not start until there is a good life of grass-I shall make out a 50 & the 12 will nearly make a 50-[T]hey must go in Co[mpany]s. of 100s. I shall start on the 1 [of] May if [the]

L[o]rd. will-Sit down & make your calculations [of] how many can go next Spring-[and how many] teams return to Pisgah next fall to winter-We dont want to give up Pisgah & Garden Grove-but brethren continue to come & fill up vacancies-

Dana made a statement of Mr. Medill, Indian Agent-[H]e explained-[and] said go & say to the authorities-make out your propositions in writing-& then we will aid them by permission-

[W]hat they co[ul]d. not in open say-he is willing, & so is Pres[iden]t. Polk willing to assist.

Young-We shall vacate the Indian lands next Spring-& be on [the] land belonging to the U.S.-[T]he Indians are put up to killing our Cattle by agents & missionaries-[T]he U.S. boundary claim Oregon & where their people make claims, there they make territory-[T]hey claim no less that 421/4 South-& West-bound by Rocky Mountains Spur-We are beyond what they claim about 150 miles West & 100 South-[T]hey have appointed Jesse D. Hunter Indian agent-

G. A. S.[:] Mr. Mason is Military Governor of California-

B. Y.[:] If they co[ul]d. get us to keep the Omaha lands until the Omahas are killed of[f] by the Siouxs-& then they wo[ul]d. sa[y] to the missionaries kill them off-there is something worth fighting for-[J]ust as quick as we leave, the Siouxs will clean up this place [and] they will not leave a foot hold for any one else-

Letter from John Miller & answer to him read-

G. A. Smith[: I]t may be necessary to organize a Co[mpany]. about Pisgah-so as to give a good stiff lot of Representatives-

Adjourn until 10 tomorrow morn[ing]: (3)

1 - Apostle Willard Richards Journal
2 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lorenzo_Snow#Wives_and_children
3 - Minutes, Quorum of Twelve

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