Lorenzo Snow, Feb 16, 1849

-- Feb 16, 1849
[Brigham Young Sermon] ... (Lorenzo Snow laid out his opinions as to Jesus Christ being of a different grade than prophets or more than our brethren - he is God the Father - and not our Elder Brother.) BY It came to me in England, as God was we shall be - as we are so God was - he is the very eternal Father, because of the creation of God - he is the Son of God the Only Begotten, he is the only one God the Father came down and begat - Moses was a God to his generation - Joseph was to his - no man could have the spirit without loving Joseph, in Joseph entered the Rev [-] spirit went right to him, and told Joseph - the Spiritual wife doctrine came upon me abroad in such a manner I never forget - one blood particular things belong to, after all we are of one blood and one flesh all the nations of the earth - Joseph said I command you to go and get another wife. I felt as if the grave was better for me than anything - but I was filled with the Holy Ghost that my wife and Brother Kimball's wife would upbraid me for lightness in those days - I could jump up and hallow. my blood clear as India rum, my flesh clear I said to Joseph suppose I should apostatize would my family not be worse off. Joseph said certain bounds set to men and if a man faithful and pure to these bounds - God will take him out of the world if he sees him falter - he'll take him to himself - you have passed these bounds Brigham - and this consolation - but I never had any fears of not being saved - then I said to Joseph I am ready to go a head, he passed certain bounds before certain revelations given. -- Salt Lake City (1)

-- 20 February 1849
[Birth of child] Birth of Child Oliver Goddard Snow (mother: Mary Adaline Goddard) (2)

-- Feb. 20, 1849
[Son of Lorenzo Snow] Oliver Goddard Snow - president of the Box Elder Stake of Zion from 1877 to 1887, is the son of Prest. Lorenzo Snow and Mary Adaline Goddard and was born Feb. 20, 1849, in Salt Lake City. He was baptised by Elder William Neeley when eight years old and was confirmed by his father, Prest. Snow. At the age of fifteen he became a member of the 58th quorum of Seventy, and when not much older entered the militia service as standard bearer on the staff of Col. Chester Loveland. In 1868 he went East with a company to convoy an emigrant train across the plains and had some exciting experiences at Indian fighting. The following fall he worked on the Central Pacific railroad and after the driving of the last spike at Promontory, in May, 1869, he carried the mail from Bonneville to Brigham City and back and also hauled freight, attending the University of Deseret during the fall and winter. In May, 1870, he went on a mission to Great Britain, being appointed president of the Leeds Conference in 1871, where he labored for eighteen months. One evening he attended a meeting where a lecture was delivered by an apostle of the "Apostolic" church and became a target for the speaker's remarks, abusing him and his people without stint and finally challenging him to come forward at the close and deny the charges if he could. Upon accepting the challenge, however, the apostle refused to let him speak; the audience demanded that he have that privilege, and rather than precipitate disorder Bro. Snow accepted the declination also; but the incident made the apostle lose prestige and finally he had to give up his lectures, while many who were previously indifferent began to inquire and investigate. During 1872 Bro. Snow visited Scotland in company with Elder George Reynolds, temporary president of the European Mission. They visited many points of interest and many of the greater English cities. After two and a half years' service, during which Bro. Snow baptised some forty persons, he was released and returned home Nov. 13, 1872. Soon after he became a member of the High Council of Box Elder Stake and was employed in the Brigham City Mercantile and Manufacturing Association. In October, 1875, he went on a mission to the United States. In August, 1877, upon the reorganization of Box Elder Stake (Apostle Lorenzo Snow being released from the presidency), the son was named by Prest. Brigham Young as president, with Elijah A. Box and Isaac Smith as his counselors. In this position Bro. Snow remained for over ten years. In January, 1878, he became a director of the above-named association, remaining such for several years and becoming the largest individual stockholder. In August, 1880, he was chosen assessor and collector of Box Elder county, also representative in the legislature, to which place he was returned several times. In 1881 he established a successful business, which subsequently became incorporated as the Box Elder Wagon and Implement Co. In 1882-3 he was assessor and collector of Brigham City and two · years later was elected county treasurer. In October, 1889, he established the Bank of Brigham City and afterwards became a partner in the Utah Loan and Trust Co. During 1889 he performed important work in promoting the Bear River canal. His banking business was closed out and 60 he purchased the Brigham City Electric Light plant, and in 1900 became president of the Western 100,000 club of the New York Life Insurance Co., because of having written more applications than anyone else. The following year he became general agent of the Prudential Insurance Co. of America, removing to Salt Lake City meanwhile. While president of Box Elder Stake he was ever active and faithful in the discharge of his manifold duties. He helped to lay the corner stones of the Logan Temple and was on the committee to draft a "declaration of grievance and protest" against the raid then going on. He built several of the best buildings in Brigham City and has continued his e energetic career in his present abode. He resigned the Stake presidency in the fall of 1887. (3)

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