Lorenzo Snow, 1853

-- During 1853
Age 39, Presided over colonization of Brigham City, Utah. (1)

(Lorenzo Snow) Called to relocate with fifty families to Brigham City, Utah. There he organized the Brigham City Mercantile and Manufacturing Association—perhaps the most successful United Order in the Church. The cooperative operated a woolen mill, a blacksmith shop, sawmills, and a tannery, manufacturing shoes, hats, cheese, wagons, and tin products. 1875 production was valued at $260,000. (2)

Lorenzo Snow: Lived in Brigham City 1853-93. Married Eleanor Houtz, Eight children: Amanda Eleanor, Ida, Eugenia, Alphonso, Susan, Roxcy Lana, Hortensia, and Chauncey. Married Caroline Horton, Three children: Clarissa Caroline, Franklin, and Sarah Augusta. Married Mary Elizabeth Houtz, Six children: Lydia, Jacob, Virginia, Mansfield Lorenzo, Mortimer Joseph, and Flora Bell. Married Phebe Augusta Woodruff, Five children: Mary Amanda, Leslie, Orion, Milton, and Phebe. Married Minnie Jensen, Five children: Clarence Leroi, Minnie Mabel, Cora Jeane, Lorenzo, and Lucile. President of Box Elder Stake. (3)

Lorenzo Snow: Member of Utah Legislature 1853-82. (3)

-- 2 January 1854
[Birth of child] Birth of Child Ida Snow (mother: Eleanor Houtz) (4)

-- 15 February 1854
[Birth of child] Birth of Child Alonzo Henry Snow (mother: Harriet Amelia Squires) (4)

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