Lorenzo Snow, Dec 25, 1851 (Thursday)

-- Dec 25, 1851 (Thursday)
Elder Wm. Willes arrived at Calcutta, India, as a Latter-day Saint missionary from England, sent by Apostle Lorenzo Snow to preach the gospel in India. (1)

-- Feb 18, 1852
Lorenzo Snow writes from Italy: "Nor can I express the delight which I experienced in gazing upon Mount Brigham, on whose rocky brow we had organized La Chiesa di Gesu Christo dei Santi degli Ultimi Gioni, in Italia." The peak which Snow had renamed Mount Brigham when dedicating the Italian Mission was known to the Italians as Monte Vandalino. (2)

-- 1852, August 29
Public announcement of Plural Marriage made, Salt Lake City. (3)

-- Aug 30, 1852 (Monday)
Apostle Lorenzo Snow returned to G.S.L. City from his foreign mission. (1)

-- Dec 13, 1852
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] Dec 13 Monday The Legislative Assembly of the Territory + of Utah met this morning in the Counsel House at 10 oclok. The House was Organized by Appointing J M Grant Speaker & Thomas Bullock clerk. And the Counsel was Organzed By appointing Willard Richards President & James Furguson Clerk. W Woodruff E. T. Benson & Lorenzo Snow of the Twleve were members of the House, And O Hyde P P. Pratt G. A. Smith & F. D. Richards of the 12 in the Counsel. The members took seats permanantly. The two Houses met in Joint session at 2 oclok & the Govornor was Received with Honor & delivered his message to the assembly which was red By the clerk of the House. It was a message of great interest. 200 copies was ordered to be printed for the benefit of Both Houses & to be printed in the news for the benefit of the people. (4)

-- During 1852-1882
Age 38-68, Elected to Utah Legislature and served for 29 years. (5)

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