Lorenzo Snow, Sep 9, 1849 (Afternoon)

-- Sep 9, 1849 (Afternoon)
[Brigham Young Sermon] I presented the subject of a perpetual fund to gather the poor. The congregation voted that such, a fund be instituted; that Willard Snow, John D. Lee, Lorenzo Snow, Franklin D. Richards, and John S. Fullmer, be a committee to collect and preserve said fund; and that Jedediah M. Grant take charge of the means in the eastern country, under the direction of the First Presidency. -- SLC Bowery (1)

-- Oct 6, 1849
[Brigham Young Sermon] ... President Young then remarked, that when the Twelve are abroad in any nation, they dictate the affairs of the Church there, the same as I do here. The enquiry may be made, can Lorenzo Snow dictate any where but in Italy? Yes--the Twelve dictate in all the world, and send Elders where they please, and as they deem wisdom. We have appointed Lorenzo and Erastus Snow, to certain missions, have they any right to go anywhere else? Yes; I wish they would open the door to every nation on the earth, and if an Apostle sees any one professing to be an Elder in the Church and bringing disgrace on the priesthood, he has authority to silence him, demand his license and cut him off from the Church. (2)

-- Oct 6, 1849 (Saturday)
On this and the following day a general conference of the Church was held in G.S.L. City, at which the Perpetual Emigration Fund was commenced. ... Lorenzo Snow and Joseph Toronto to Italy ... (3)

-- Oct 19, 1849 (Friday)
The missionaries' camp was organized for traveling, Shadrach Roundy being appointed president. The company consisted of 35 men, with 12 wagons, 1 carriage, and 42 horses and mules. Among the Elders were Apostles Lorenzo Snow, Erastus Snow and Franklin D. Richards, Bishop Edward Hunter and other prominent men. It was the first company of missionaries sent from the Rocky Mountains. (3)

-- 11 December 1849
[Birth of child] Birth of Child Lucius Aaron Snow (mother: Harriet Amelia Squires) (4)

-- Dec. 11, 1849
[Son of Lorenzo Snow] SNOW, Lucius Aaron -- first counselor to President Oleen N. Stohl of Box Elder Stake, is a native of Utah's metropolis, where he was born Dec. 11, 1849, his parents being the late President Lorenzo Snow and Harriet Squire. He entered the Church by baptism when about eight years old and was ordained a High Priest by Jonathan C. Wright Sept. 9, 1877. Among other positions of responsibility which Bro. Snow has filled under the Church are the following: President of Mutual Improvement Association, Ward teacher, Sabbath school teacher, home missionary in Box Elder Stake, first counselor in Bishopric of Brigham City First Ward, and since November, 1899, he has labored as first counselor in the Box Elder Stake presidency, being set apart therefor by Apostle John Henry Smith. Bro. Snow was married Nov. 14, 1875, his wife's maiden name being Elizabeth Wilson, and thirteen children have been born to them, seven of whom are living. His chief occupation has been farming, but he has also engaged in commercial affairs, being for several years manager of the Co-op lumber yard of Brigham City and vice president of the First National Bank of Brigham City. In the civil service he has been city councilman and assessor and collector of Box Elder county, in which callings he has shown marked efficiency and uprightness. (5)

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