Lorenzo Snow, Jan 6, 1856

-- Jan 6, 1856
At a meeting in Salt Lake City after Brigham Young and Lorenzo Snow speak stressing unquestioning obedience, Jonathan C. Wright preaches that "A woman was under the Law of her husband & no other. If she obeyed his Law she was under no transgression because her husband was her head & evry man & woman had a head." (1)

-- Jan 9, 1856
[Hosea Stout Diary] ... The Bill (H. F. No 24)An Act to provide for the further organization of the militia" was taken from the file of the House, and made the order of the day for Friday next at ten a. m. in joint session.

Councillor Snow, of joint Committee on Herding reported as a substitute for the Bill (H. F. No 21)An Act granting a herd ground to J. C. Wright, E. H. Pierce, P. H. Young, Lo Farr, C. W. Hubbard, D. Spencer[.] S. Smith, and J. D. Reese was read, recieved and read the first time & Lorenzo Snow was prefixed to the names in said Bill, and all the other names stricken out except Pierce & Hubbard after which the Bill passed its several readings and passed as amended ... (2)

-- Jan 19, 1856
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 19th The company was to start at 4 oclock to go to Nephi to Breakfast. Some of the waggons started out at that hour. T Bullock J C Wright myself & others started out at 4 oclock to walk thinking that our waggons would soon be along but they did not start till 2 hours afterwards. We walked 7 mils and it was so exceding Cold in the snow & on So high an altitude that we thought we should freeze. So we stoped in a patch of Greeseweed & struck a fire & staid by it 2 Hours before the waggons came up. Several frooze their feet & fingers.

When we arived at Nephi we were thoroughly Chilled through. We got warm took dinner & rode to Pason & spent the night [with] Brother Hancock Bishop. We rode 45 miles to day. Lorenzo Snow & myself J. M. Grant & J. C. Little & Ladies spent the night at Brother Israel Calkins. He charged us all 50 cts per meal & 25 for lodging. (3)

-- Monday, March 22, 1856
-Went to Seventies meeting, and voted to cut off Geo. P. Stiles for adultery. Elder Lorenzo Snow said:-- the spirit of God influences a man to kick a__es: and hew down the wicked as Samuel did Agag and to kick guts out, as Peter did the bowels of Judas, and the time will soon come that we must purify Israel in the same way. (4)

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