Lorenzo Snow, 1847

-- During 1847
Lorenzo Snow: Located in Mt Pisgah; presided over Church there 1847-48. (1)

-- May 19, 1848
[Hosea Stout Diary] Frid May 19th 1848.

Warm clear & pleasant. Lay up Waggons continually coming in

Lorenzo Snow with the Pisgah company passed by today for the Papea where he was to build a new bridge somewhere above the old one. Some one or two also left this camp & went on Prest Young came into camp but returned again. (2)

-- Jun 1, 1848
[Hosea Stout Diary] Thurs June 1st 1848. This morning there was a hog & dog found dead which I suppose were put to death for some midnight sin.

Lorenzo Snow with the Pisgah Co started on today. Prest Kimball came to the Horn.

Prest Young organized his company this evening into two hundred (the first was [crossed out]) Allen Taylor Capt first & Daniel Carns & John Harvey Capt 50. The Second William G. Perkins Capt & Eliazer Miller & John D. Lee Capt 50. I was organized in Carns fifty

Sister Taylor wife of J. Taylor from Batavia N. Y. this spring died today of measles & was buried by Jacob Weatherbees grave where some 4 or 5 were buried while we were here. (2)

-- Jun 2, 1848
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 2d In company with O. Hyde E. T. Benson H. Miller, Scofield Daily, Hickman, & others I rode out to the Horn to see Presidents Young Kimball & the Camp of Israel. We found all had crossed the Horn. Lorenzo Snow & Zera Pulsipher captains of hundred had gone on their Journey with A hundred each. We assertained their were about 600 waggons in all crossed the horn. They made a splendid encampment & beautiful sight.

Their had been 4 burials at the Horn 2 infants one aged woman & brother Neff had a son named Charles 8 years of Age drowned in the Horn which was buried there. (3)

-- Jun 18, 1848
[Hosea Stout Diary] Sund June 18th 1848. Dark heavey clouds. Raining some. Had a meeting to day at Hebers camp. Jehu Coxs child was killed by a waggon running over it, between Cedar Creek & the Loup Fork Ford.

Lorenzo Snow & Zera Pulcifers Cos encamped in the sand nobs but they had watter because of the heavy rains. Saml Meechan came to board with me today. (2)

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