Lorenzo Snow, 1856, November 9

-- 1856, November 9
Captain James G. Willie's Handcart Company arrived in Salt Lake City. Suffered 67 deaths of a company of 500. (1)

-- 1856, November 30
Martin Handcart Company arrived, Salt Lake City. Suffered between 135 and 150 deaths. (1)

-- 2 December 1856
[Birth of child] Birth of Child Celestia Armeda Snow (mother: Harriet Amelia Squires) (2)

-- Dec 8, 1856
[Hosea Stout Diary] Monday 8 Dec 1856. At ten A. M the Legislature met and there not being a Quorum in either House adjourned till 2 p. m and met accordingly[.] Both houses organized temporarily. The Hon. Lorenzo Snow president pro tem of the Council & Myself speaker (pro-tem [crossed out]) of the House. The officers were then elected and a Bill introduced changing the seat of Government from Fillmore to G. S. L. City and for this session to adjourn to meet at the Social Hall there on Thursday the 15 inst[.] The Bill passed[.] We then adjd ... (3)

-- December 20, 1856
Lorenzo Snow's remarks to High Priests:

I had my name enrolled in the general Quorum. I also spoke in the meeting. Much teaching and counsel was given on the subject of plural marriage, all men being commanded to obey that revelation. When I left home, last, my wife said to me, that I must bring another wife home with me. She said she knew it would be a trial to her, but come it must, and better now than to wait. May jhmj (4)

-- Dec 22, 1856
[Wilford Woodruff] With Orson Hyde, Lorenzo Snow, and Franklin D. Richards, urges first seven presidents of Seventy to resign (5)

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