Lorenzo Snow, Mar 27, 1846

-- Mar 27, 1846
[Hosea Stout Diary] Friday March the 27th 1846. This morning the ground was frozen & a boisterous wind blowing....

The second hundred was composed of Parley P. Pratts and Peter Haws Companies and Haws Company had the Band attached to it here[.] It was officered as follows[.] Father John Smith Captain, Parley P. Pratt President of the First fifty John Harvey Captain Nathan Tanner Issuing Commissary, William H. Edwards Contractor and Lorenzo Snow Clerk[.] Peter Haws President of the Second 50. Howard Egan Captain Orson B. Adams Issuing Commissary and Peter Haws was also appointed Contractor, and George Hales Clerk. ... (1)

-- Monday, May 18, 1846.
[Apostle Willard Richards Journal] Creek. Pleasant but cloudy. President Young's company and about 30 men were detached from the various companies by Captain Rockwood and commenced a bridge at sunrise which was soon completed. President Young, Kimball, George A. Smith, and Captains Rockwood and Sherwood went on to look a road, instructing the camp to wait till they came back, but as soon as the bridge was done the camp went on without a pilot and took a very crooked route till about noon, when Captain Rockwood returned and stopped the camp at a creek where they built a bridge and waited till the President returned and reported Parley Pratt's trail within about 2 miles. And soon after, Brother Lorenzo Snow arrived from Brother Pratt's camp and reported them encamped on Grand River about 5 miles. (2)

-- Monday, June 15, 1846
Lorenzo Snow's wife, Harriet, went to fetch his sister, Eliza R. Snow. She said he was very sick and raving. Sister Snow went to their camp and found Lorenzo Snow dangerously sick. The future prophet later wrote,

"In my sickness I went through in my mind the most singular scenes that any man ever did. My family generally believed that I was not in my right mind. But the scenes thro' wich my spirit travelled are yet fresh in my memory as tho' they occured but yesterday. And when my people supposed me in the greatest pain and danger, I am conscious of having a great many spiritual exercises sometimes partaking of the most accute suffering that heart can conceive and others the most rapterous enjoyment that heart ever felt or immagination ever conceived."

At one point he was left in the hands of an evil spirit and had a terrifying experience. But then he had the wonderful experience of being introduced into heaven. "I heard a voice calling me by name saying, 'he is worthy, take away his filthy garments . . . let him be clothed, let him be clothed.' Immediately I found a celestial body gradually growing upon me untill at length I found myself crowned with all its glory and power. . . . I conversed with Joseph, Father Smith and others, and mingled in the society of the Holy One. I saw my family all saved and observed the dispensations of God with mankind untill at last a perfect redemption was effected. . ." (3)

1 - Diaries of Hosea Stout
2 - Apostle Willard Richards Journal
3 - David R. Crockett, Saints in Exile: A Day-by-Day Pioneer Experience (1996)

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