Dreams in LDS History, 1869

LDS History Chronology: Dreams

-- During 1869
(Jesse Knight) Prospecting on the east side of Godiva Mountain near Eureka, Utah, Knight sat down under a tree to rest. Suddenly he heard a voice: "This country is here for the Mormons." A short time later, he dreamed about a rich vein of ore. The location was indelibly impressed on his mind, and when he went there, it was exactly as he had dreamed. (1)

-- Jun 18, 1870
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] ... B. Young jr spoke 33 Minuts. He told a dream. He saw Wm. S Godby in a Congregation of people & there was a hole in the wall of the building & Godby stuck his head in the hole to see what was in the other side of the wall & his Ears grew out so long he Could not get Back again.... (2)

-- Apr 21, 1871
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 21 Brother Stephen related to me the History of his deliverance from the Comanche Indians & getting 5 Mules By a dream. His whole Account of his travels in the Battalion was interesting. We travelled to wanship & Camped on the South side of the divide to Woodruff. 25 M. (2)

-- Jan 1, 1873
Apostle Joseph F. Smith strikes his neighbor's head "three times with my cane" for insulting him and letting his livestock trespass on Smith's property. He voluntarily pleads guilty to assault and battery to Mormon justice of the peace. On Christmas night Smith had dreamed of using his cane repeatedly on opponent's head, "intending to kill him, but was partially prevented from striking him with full force by my wives." (3)

-- Feb 27, 1873
Apostle Joseph F. Smith dreams of anti-Mormon who uses bottle of "concentrated essence of S-t" to attack plural marriage. He thinks dream refers to Congress. (3)

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