Dreams in LDS History, Monday, Mar 24, 1884

LDS History Chronology: Dreams

-- Monday, Mar 24, 1884
[Apostle John Henry Smith Diary] Bradford, Yorkshire

Cool and pleasant. I dreamed in the night that President Young and my Father were still alive but that they had been away from the people and returned not satisfied with the way President Taylor was doing. I saw Prest. Taylor moving from the yard into his own home, and he seemed to be much troubled in his mind. J. W. Young and my brother Charles seemed to be mixed up in the affair. My conversation with my Father was as real as in life. I enjoyed it very much. President Taylor came to where Father and I stood and they both disappeared. (1)

-- Monday, Oct 20, 1884
[Apostle John Henry Smith Diary] London

I dreamed an ugly dream. I was in a room with a rattle snake and tried to kill it with a stick. I hit it a number of times but it sprung at me and in the midst of the battle I awoke. I felt it had touched my clothes but not injured me. (1)

-- Sunday, Nov 23, 1884
[Apostle John Henry Smith Diary] Leeds

Cold. I dreamed this morning just before awakening that I took one of my upper teeth out with my fingers. It had a large hole in it and while very white it was crumbling to pieces, as I opened my knife and whittled it. I then gave it to my mother in law Sister Groesbeck who is now dead, and remarked to her that it was very peculiar. I then awakened. ... (1)

-- Dec 9, 1884
[Dream Mine] John Koyle married Emily Arvilla Holt 9 December 1884. They had four son and three daughters. At about age twenty-two, Koyle experienced a dream about lost livestock and other domestic matters. Gradually he became known as a visionary man. He grew to dream about a wide variety of subjects, including world affairs. Many of his predictions came true and earned him a following of faithful admirers. (2)

-- Mar 6, 1885
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] ...I had the following Dream in the night: I dreamed the Presidency & Twelve Apostles were about to take a Mission together and President Brigham Young Called on me to Pray and while Praying the spirit of the Lord rested upon me in a powerful manner and when I Closed Presidet Young laid his hands upon my head & Blessed me & Ordained me to Sumthing. I do not remember what it was. He said I was one born out of Due time. The tears ran down my face while he was Blessing me. (3)

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