Dreams in LDS History, Sunday, Nov 23, 1902

LDS History Chronology: Dreams

-- Sunday, Nov 23, 1902
[Apostle Rudger Clawson Diary] ... left for Brigham City to attend the Box Elder Stake Conference. ... 6:30 p.m. General priesthood meeting, Pres. Kelly presiding. Apostle Jno. W. Taylor was the speaker. Topics treated. Said that those who have sexual intercourse with their wives or touch any dead body are unclean until evening, and, therefore, during that day should not enter the temple or officiate in the ordinances of the gospel. Advised the brethren not to eat pork or use it in their families. Dwelt upon the power and authority of the holy priesthood. Testified that he had seen the face of the Savior in vision by night. (1)

-- Sunday, Jan 11, 1903
[Apostle John Henry Smith Diary] Provo

I had two dreams. One was a brood of chickens and the old hen had been killed by a dog and torn to peices and a half grown chick was trying to mother the flock. The other was I was riding in a spring wagon and one of the horses fell dead and rolled over and broke the wagon tongue. (2)

-- Jan 9, 1904
Emmeline B. Wells, editor of Woman-s Exponent, writes: "Aunts Presendia [H. Kimball] & Zina [D. H. Young] used to interpret dreams for us but now there is no one to do it." This is one of the earliest comments about loss of spiritual gifts in Mormonism. (3)

-- Aug 6, 1906
[Thomas A. Clawson] "At 7 30 P.M. went to High Priests (Sic) Quorum Meeting and listened to a very interesting talk by brother Samuel Richard, the last of the original company of young men organized by Joseph the Prophet to go and explore the Rocky Mountains for a dwelling place for the Saints, he spoke of a night vision he had in answer to his prayers wherein he came west all over these rigions down into California Mexico and back up to Jackson Co where he helped to build the Great Temple there." (4)

-- 1908. May 7
(Amasa Lyman) : At Caroline's funeral, Francis M. Lyman told "President [Joseph F.] Smith of my desire to do something for father. Told him of my dreams and my Sister Martha's, how father had appeared to us and pied his cause. How President Snow told me that there was no doubt but that he could come out all right in the end." (5)

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