Dreams in LDS History, 1888 to 1891

LDS History Chronology: Dreams

-- During 1888 to 1891
[Dream Mine] John Koyles membership in the Mormon Church led him to serve a mission in 1888 to 1891 in the Southern States Mission. His dreams continued and he was known as a missionary with prophetic abilities. Following his missionary service, Koyle returned home to his wife and family to resume farming. (1)

-- Wednesday, Apr 9, 1890
[Apostle Abraham H. Cannon Journal] ... John W. Taylor spoke first; he related how he received a testimony of the divinity of the work while engaged at his father's saw mill some years since in Summit County. In a vision he saw the place where he had been at work cutting logs gradually lit up by a brilliant light which seemed to emanate from the east. This light continued to increase in intensity and with the increase he seemed to be pushed further away from its source. Finally he clasped his arms around the stump of a tree for the purpose of keeping himself in position. He saw the Son of God appear in the brilliancy of the light and then his hold upon the stump began to slip and he knew that should he release his grasp he would be thrust back with such violence that he would be dashed to pieces. As he was holding with grim desperation, he awoke. His father told him that the interpretation of the dream was that the bright light was the truth which would banish all truth hate
rs from before it, and the tree stump to which he was holding was a similar representation to that of the rod of iron in the Book of Mormon. Bros Taylor related several other manifestations of God's goodness to him in answer to his prayers. ... (2)

-- Sep 6, 1892
[President Wilford Woodruff Journal] .... I Could also point out the place in Grand Father Thompsons House which was the Birth Place of my mother, whare I fell off a porch and broak my other Arm.

Uncle Ozem Woodruff House looks vary natural. I baptized him & his wife Hannah Hart in 1837, and two of their Children in fulfillment of a dream I had when I was Eight years of age. Uncle Ozem Woodruff has been dead several years. Aunt Hannah died over a year ago passed 90 years of Age..... (3)

-- Jan 5, 1893
[President Wilford Woodruff Journal] 5 <I had a vision last night.> ... (3)

-- Apr 7, 1893
[Apostle Anthon H. Lund Diary] [Salt Lake Temple didication] ... Pres[iden]t Cannon [it is not exactly clear here when, I think in the evening session] once I was wind bound in San Francisco Bay. I had a dream that we ten elders on board were pulling at the windlass and trying to raise the anchor when we found we could not budge it an inch. Joseph Smith came and said: "George, come with me." We went to the front. "Now," said he; "we will pray." he prayed and then told me to pray. When we were done he said, "Take hold of the cable." I took hold and without the least effort raised the anchor. He said, "Let this be a lesson to you always." Bro[ther] Cannon said that the power of faith had been much underrated. In faith and with prayer we can do nearly everything. F. M. Lyman gave us his dream in the Penitentiary and Bro[ther] B. Young gave his early experience in excavating the temple foundation the curious incident of a dollar falling on the corner stone and no body knows who f
lung it there [when this session closed a sister as taken in labor and birthed in the temple] (4)

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