Dreams in LDS History, Oct 25, 1863

LDS History Chronology: Dreams

-- Oct 25, 1863
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 25 Sunday I went to the office in the morning & wrote some in my Journal. Bishop Edward Hunter talked about one hour upon various subjects. He told a Dream that a woman had. She was in the world of spirits & saw men receive their rewards & punishments. One man had stolen a Coat in the world & He was put in prision when he died & his wife & Children was sold to remain in servitude untill the last farthing was paid. (1)

-- Aug 14, 1864
The so-called Dream Mine is located east of Salem in Utah County. The mine founder, John H. Koyle, was born August 14, 1864 at Spanish Fork, Utah County. (2)

-- Sep 6, 1866
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] ... Presidet Young Spoke 12 minuts & told a dream he had last night about the family of Joseph Smith. ... (1)

-- Mar 29, 1867
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] ...Sister Godby had a vary interesting dream during Febuary which was published in the Times and Seasons Deserett News of March 27. It has been read by many with great interest. Yesterday A Brother /George/ Davis that drives a City Job Cart Asked Brother Cram if he thought the dream was true. He said he thought it was. He then Said I fell like going into the spirit world to see this Brother. George Davis read this dream 3 times to his wife & then /said/ told her If I Should die to night or to morrow it would be all right. ... (1)

-- Apr 21, 1869
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] ... We held a meeting in the State House in the Evening. G Q Cannon spoke 21 M. B Young Jr. spoke 15 Minuts D. H. Wells 40, W Woodruff 15, Presidet Young 34 Minuts. He said If I was to tell you the will of God I would say it is the will of God, that you should take of your substance & send it to Gather the poor saints, the means you wood spend for tobaco, tea, Coffee, & whiskey & Gather the poor with it. We should be doing the will of God. It is the will of God that we should keep the word of wisdom. When you want to do Evil it is the will of the devil, & not the will of God. President Young told a dream on Chewing tobaco. We spent the night with Robinson. (1)

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