Dreams in LDS History, Sep 5, 1873

LDS History Chronology: Dreams

-- Sep 5, 1873
Wilford Woodruff dreams "I went up Big Creek & Caught 15 trout. I dreamed last night the 4 That the United States Flag passed from North to South in the sky all tattered & torn. Then the Constitution of the United States followed it but was all tied up with ropes to keep it from falling to Peaces. Then followed an imens Eagle with his tallons fast in the hair of the Head of President [Ulysses S.] Grant Carrying him off. When this passed I awoke." (1)

-- Sep 7, 1873
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] ...I dreamed at night that I Saw Jedediah M Grant & Sister McMinn & talked with them, and the ownly request Sister McMinn made of me was to ask the people to Stop talking about her.

I dreamed that I saw many of the Dead arise. I saw some swine in which Devils had Entered & they tried to kill me but did not have power to hurt me. I told some wicked men that the dead had risen. They said they did not Believe it but they Shook with fear. (2)

-- Jun 23, 1874
[Sermon] Brigham Young: Secret of Happiness - Self Examination - Joseph Smith: a Man of Obedience to God - Baptism for the Dead - Temporal and Spiritual One - a Dream - Order of Enoch, the Order of God - A Good Word for the Women, JD 18:235 - 249 (3)

-- Jul 12, 1875
In England missionary and future apostle John Henry Smith dreams "that Prest. J[oseph] F. Smith and I and some others took tea with the Prince of Wales and wife in one of the Palaces in London." (1)

-- Jan 28, 1877
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] ... I rehearsed the History of Joseph the Prophet healing in one day many People in Nauvoo & Montrose and gave me a Handkerchif. I spoke of my dream at sea and getting a gold Ring made. (2)

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