Dreams in LDS History, Monday, Jun 4, 1900

LDS History Chronology: Dreams

-- Monday, Jun 4, 1900
[Apostle John Henry Smith Diary] ...I had a peculiar dream this morning. I dreamed that I was standing in front of some building where some kind of a meeting was being held. A tall dark complexioned man Picked my pocket, taking my watch. I captured him and gave him a very severe choking and recovered what he had taken.

We returned to our home in the city and found all well. (1)

-- Wednesday, Jul 11, 1900
[Apostle John Henry Smith Diary] .... Marriner W. Merrill related a dream of Bro. Samuel Roskelly about a large Nephite guarding the entrance to the Logan Temple when a body of U.S. Marshalls were talking of entering there during the Crusade.

Abraham O. Woodruff related a story told by his father of the Prophet Joseph Smith taking a flint arrow spike out of the back bone of a large skeleton found by Zion's Camp on their trip. (1)

[Apostle Rudger Clawson Diary] ...Apostle M. W. Merrill related a dream or vision given to Brother [Samuel] Roskelly in the Logan Temple during the "raid" when the enemy threatened to search our temples. A personage, who in appearance was seven or eight feet tall, appeared to him and said that he was once a Nephite warrior and that he had come to defend the temple. He assured Brother Roskelly that the enemy would not be permitted to enter the house of the Lord. Apostle Merrill said that later on a bitter anti-Mormon by the name of [Charles C.] Goodwin and several others organized a "raid" on the temple, but through fear abandoned their project.

It was moved and carried that Pres. Snow be asked to provide a suitable receptacle for church relics and that the same as fast as gathered be deposited in the temple.... (2)

-- Sunday, Oct 14, 1900
[Apostle Rudger Clawson Diary] ... L. A. K[elsch]. Bore testimony to the truth of the gospel. Related a dream in which he saw the first person he baptized long before it happened. Dwelt upon the first principle[s] of the gospel.

A. H. L[und]. The sabbath day and its proper observance. R. C[lawson]. I made remarks upon the subject of signs following believers and related an incident where a young woman [Ella Jensen], who had apparently died, was restored to life and health by the anointing and laying on of hands of Pres. Snow and myself. (2)

-- Mar 5, 1901
St. George Temple Minute Book records, "President David Cannon gave instructions in regard to Adam offering signs at the altar. Adam does not offer signs at the altar in the Telestial Room. He did not want any innovations in the endowments. Spoke of Prest. Young coming to him in vision and giving him important information in relation to his duty; visiting him three times in one night." (3)

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