Dreams in LDS History, May 17, 1897

LDS History Chronology: Dreams

-- May 17, 1897
[President Wilford Woodruff Journal] May 17th I was quite wakeful before midnight and while I endeavoured to sleep had distressing dreams, so that I was quite tired in the morning. I had the brethren administer to me, Owen being mouth. Dr Snow called and after breakfast accompanied me to the office.... (1)

-- Jan 4, 1898
[Apostle Brigham Young Jr. Diary] ...I related a dream about relief coming to Pres[ident] W. ... (2)

-- Mar 7, 1898
[President Wilford Woodruff Journal] Mon Mar 7th I went to the office. Did not sleep very good last night. I requested my sons their wives and my daughters & their husbands to meet with me this evening at home as I wished to talk with them on some important matters. I also asked Bro L. John Nuttall to accompany me home this afternoon. After supper and at 7.30 we met in the parlor. There were present myself and wife Emma, Ashael & wife, Naomi, Owen and wife Ellen, Ovando Beebe & Clara, Jos Daynes & Blanche, W. McEwan & Alice L John Nuttall, Andrew Smith, my Grandson Henry Eugene Woodruff, 2 of Ashaels children and Mazie Berkiey the house maid.

I referred to my labors in Arizona some 18 years ago and related my experience among the people of [-] Brigham City &c in the united order and of my going into the San Francisco Mountains where I staid with some of the brethren who were herding sheep /some 10 days/. I was very busy reading the Book of Doctrine & Covenants. On one night I had a vision and in the morning a revelation which I wrote and afterwards sent a copy to President John Taylor and the apostles.

I said I wanted my family to hear it read as many things in it were now transpiring & coming to pass in our day. Many of the things spoken of in the revelation were attended to by President John Taylor and the apostles at that time. I had asked Bro Nuttall to come and read it because he had read it to the President & Twelve 18 years ago. Bro Nuttall then at my request read the revelation, after which I made some more remarks by way of explanation and requested all to try and remember these things, but it was not for them to mention them or speak of them in any place, until after they were made public by action of myself & the twelve apostles. I called on Asahel to pray which he did. Bro Nuttall then bore testimony to what I had said of the action of the Presidency & Twelve.

An interesting conversation then ensued on the United Order &c. Oranges and apples were passed around and all partook. Some began to go home at 10.30 having spent an enjoyable & profitable time. Sister Woodruff passed a Carnation to each one present with a request to have it pressed in commemmoration of this event. (1)

-- During 1898
(Amasa Lyman) Martha Lyman Roper, eldest daughter of Amasa and Caroline Lyman, had a "manifestation or dream wherein her father was calling for help. When she heard and saw him she had the impulse to run and embrace him but he warned her to beware and pointed out a great yawning chasm between them, over which she couldn't go to him nor he to her. He requested Martha to appeal to his son, Marion, to help him for he was the only one in a position to do so. He also told her that he was very weary and tired of his black clothes and that he did so want to be with his family, his wives and his children whom he loved and longed for." (3)

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