Speaking in Tongues, 14th century

-- 14th century
The Moravians are referred to by detractors as having spoken in tongues. John Roche, a contemporary critic, claimed that the Moravians "commonly broke into some disconnected Jargon, which they often passed upon the vulgar, 'as the exuberant and resistless Evacuations of the Spirit'". (1)

-- 17th century
The French Prophets: The Camisards also spoke sometimes in languages that were unknown: "Several persons of both Sexes," James Du Bois of Montpellier recalled, "I have heard in their Extasies pronounce certain words, which seem'd to the Standers-by, to be some Foreign Language." These utterances were sometimes accompanied by the gift of interpretation exercised, in Du Bois' experience, by the same person who had spoken in tongues. (1)

Early Quakers, such as Edward Burrough, make mention of tongues speaking in their meetings: "We spoke with new tongues, as the Lord gave us utterance, and His Spirit led us". (1)

-- mid-17th century
Roger Williams argued that true Christianity was lost under Constantine and that revelation was the means of authority (as opposed to a Baptist baptism or a Congrationalist covenant). This would open the 3rd dispensation (1. Primitive purity, 2. Transgression and apostasy, and -"There is a Time of purity and Primitive Sincerity, there in a time of Transgression and Apostacy, there is a time of the coming of the Babilonian Apostacy and Wilderness." This would be an age of spirit; in this "restauration of Zion . . . it may please the Lord againe to . . . powre forth those fiery streames againe of Tongues and Prophecie." (2)

-- 19th century
Edward Irving and the Catholic Apostolic Church. Edward Irving, a minister in the Church of Scotland, writes of a woman who would "speak at great length, and with superhuman strength, in an unknown tongue, to the great astonishment of all who heard, and to her own great edification and enjoyment in God". Irving further stated that "tongues are a great instrument for personal edification, however mysterious it may seem to us." (1)

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