Speaking in Tongues, Apr 20, 1837

-- Apr 20, 1837
[Wilford Woodruff Journal] April 20th Spent this day in the house of the Lord in prayer and fasting with the congregation of the Saints. Much of the power, gifts, and graces of the gospel was poured out upon us. Speaking and interpeting of tongues was manifest in the Congregation. One brother sung a lengthy song in tongues & sister Hide interpeted the same. It was great & glorious. Much of it was respecting the fame of Joseph and his magnus works. (1)

-- May 27, 1837
[Patriarchal Blessings] ... At a blessing meeting held in the Lord's House in Kirtland the 27th day of May 1837. Joseph Smith Sen. the Patriarch of the Church of the Latter Day Saints, being present and holding the meeting a Patriarchal blessing was confer[r]ed on the head of Hannah Elizabeth Adams, daughter of Reuben Root and wife of James Marvin Adams born in Augusta, Oneida County N. Y. on the 12th of July 1808.

.... The Lord thy God will strengthen thy mind, - help thy memory and strengthen thy intellectual powers. Thou shalt instruct many in the principles of righteousness. * shalt instruct the daughters of the Lamanites * shalt speak in the gift of tongues * shalt understand their languages by the power of the spirit. Thou shalt be filled with glory * even the glory of God, if thou wilt live for these blessings * thou shalt bless the Lord that thou didst see my face.... (2)

-- Jun 11, 1837
[Wilford Woodruff Journal] June 11th I was called upon to address the conference in the forepart of the Day. It was with peculiar feelings that I arose to address a large Congregation of Saints raised up in another nation under an other Government seperate from mine own nation for this was the first time that I arose to address a congregation of Saints under the British government. I addressed the people from 2nd Cor. IV Ch. 3, 4 verses. The Spirit of the Lord was with us & we were blessed. After I closed, the Saints spake with tongues and prophesyed. Five presented themselves for baptism which was administered unto them by Elder Page. After an intermishion, Elder Page addressed us upon the priesthood & bore strong testimony to the people. Our Conference Closed by returning thanks to God & we took the parting hand with many Brethren & Sisters.

I returned with several Elders to Elder Stodards to spend the night & there was a woman present who was possessed with the devil. She was oft times dumb & greatly afflicted by the evil spirits that dwelt in her. She believed in Jesus Christ of Nazareth and us as his servent & called upon us to cast the devil out of her. According to her request four of us lade hands upon her & commanded the devil in the name of JESUS CHRIST to depart out of her & it was immediately done & the woman arose with great joy & gave thanks & prase unto God for according to her faith she was made whole from that hour. A Child also that was sick was made whole by the laying on of hands according to the word of God. See Mark 16 ch 17th. 6 mile. (1)

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