Speaking in Tongues, 1st century

-- 1st century
The New Testiment refers to the gift of tongues as a sign of those who believe (1)

-- 2nd - 4th centuries
A number of early Christian references are made to speaking in tongues, including Tertullian (207 AD), Novatian (360 AD), Justin Martyr (150 AD), Eusebius (339 AD) Chrysostom (407), and Augustine of Hippo (430). (1)

-- 12th century
Bernard of Clairvaux, commenting on Mark 16:17 ("they will speak in new tongues"), asked: "For who is there that seems to have these signs of the faith, without which no one, according to this Scripture, shall be saved?" He explained that these signs were no longer present because there were greater miracles– the transformed lives of believers. (1)

Hildegard of Bingen is reputed to have spoken and sung in tongues. Her spiritual songs were referred to by contemporaries as "concerts in the Spirit." (1)

-- 1265
Thomas Aquinas wrote about the gift of tongues in the New Testament, which he understood to be an ability to speak every language, given for the purposes of missionary work. He explained that Christ did not have this gift because his mission was to the Jews, "nor does each one of the faithful now speak save in one tongue"; for "no one speaks in the tongues of all nations, because the Church herself already speaks the languages of all nations". (1)

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