Speaking in Tongues, Apr 28, 1836

-- Apr 28, 1836
[Orson Pratt Journal, http:

www.boap.org/LDS/Early-Saints/OPratt.html] ... The next evening, the 28th of April, I went alone to fill the appointment. Went to the schoolhouse, found it crowded with men, but no females. I went in to the pulpit and was about to commence the meeting when a man by the name of Lewis Burwall, a Methodist by profession and one of the trustees of the schoolhouse arose in a spirit of opposition and requested me to answer a few questions before I preached. He proceeded to ask me what church I belonged to. I answered the Church of the Latter-day Saints. He wished to know if we did not call ourselves Mormons. I answered no, but we were generally known by that name. He wished to know if I believed in the Book of Mormon. I replied, yes, with all my heart. He then said he had read the book and made some very harsh expressions and desired of me if I could speak in tongues, etc. I answered him that we professed as a church to be earnestly seeking for all the gifts of the gospel mentioned in the scriptures but he insisted on my answering him yes or no. I replied that I did not consider myself bound at that time to answer any question as I had given out that appointment on purpose for preaching and that I would endeavor if the people would listen, to tell them what we as a church believed in, and after I was through they should have the privilege of replying. But he insisted on knowing what we believed in before I preached. About this time the most part of the congregation began to stamp their feet and hiss at Burwall and the congregation began to be divided: the more part determined to hear preaching while the remainder said that I should not preach without answering the questions. I replied that I would tell them my belief in my discourse. By this time the whole house was in an uproar, some crying one thing some crying another; some crying delusion, imposture, others crying, let us hear then judge, while others were crying liberty of conscience. The congregation began to contend very sharply one with another and became very angry, that they came to blows and began to knock down. The noise was such for one or two hours that it might have been heard some distance, while I stood in the pit very calm and composed, lifting my heart in silent prayer that the Lord would deliver me out of their hands unhurt. Some threatened to lay violent hands upon me while others said they would not permit me to be hurt. At length a few gentlemen present opened one of the pulpit doors, took me by the hand and we went through the midst unhurt. The congregation soon finding that I had left the pulpit followed on after me nearly through the village, when I saw myself so thronged that I concluded the only way for me to get out of their midst would be to go into a tavern and pass out the back door, which I accordingly did, assisted by some few gentlemen. I left the village that night and traveled to Mount Pleasant. The next day great excitement prevailed throughout the village and the more part of the people were determined to have a meeting. They accordingly appointed a meeting in a very large wagon house and sent up to Mount Pleasant for me to come down. I, accordingly, in company with three or four brethren went down. A very large congregation had collected who listened with great attention. I addressed them upon the first principles of the gospel. After I got through three or four arose in opposition, but about all they could do was to call for signs and their folly was exposed before the people. ... (1)

-- Sep 5, 1836
[Patriarchal Blessings] Patriarchal Blessing of Raymond Clark given by Joseph Smith, Sr. on September 5, 1836

-- Patriarchal Blessing Recd. under the hand of Joseph Smith Senr. On Raymond Clark which was Born In the town of Wells St[ate]. of Vermont Age 38 years

Brother Clark In the Name of Jesus Christ I Lay my hands on thy head in as much as thou art an Orphan for thou art of the Seed of Joseph throu[gh] the loins of Ephraim thou Shalt have power to lay hands on the Sick for the restoring of he[a]lth in fa[i]th thou will be Ordained to the priests office be thou faithfull for thou Will be permit[t]ed to gow [go] to preach to the Spirits in prison Thou Shall have power to procla[i]m the gospel to the Red men of the forist [forest] the gift of toungs [tongues] will be given The[e] that thou may procla[i]m the truth of the Everlasting Gospel to them be thou faithfull [illegible] things which Is Required of the[e] instruct thy children in the way they Should [illegible] ... (2)

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