Speaking in Tongues, Oct 28, 1833

-- Oct 28, 1833
[Joseph Smith Diary] 28th Appointed a meeting for this day Monday the 27th [28 October 1833] at the request of some who desires to be baptized. At candle lighting [we] held a meeting for confirmation. We broke bread [and] laid on hands for the gift of the Holy Spirit. [We] had a good meeting. The spirit was given in great power to some and the rest had great peace. May God carry on his work in this place till all shall know him. Amen.

Held [a] meeting yesterday at 10 o'clock. After [the] meeting two [people] came forward and were baptised. [We] confirmed them at the watter's edge.

Held [a] meeting last evening [and] ordained Br[other] E[leazer] F[reeman] Nickerson to the office of Elder. [We] had a good meeting. One of the sisters got the gift of toungues which made the Saints rejoice. May God incre[a]se the gifts among them for his Son's sake. (1)

-- Oct. 5-Nov 4, 1833
Joseph, Sidney Rigdon, and Freeman Nickerson leave Kirtland on a mission to Upper Canada and return to Kirtland. Their mission follows this itinerary: ... .Two are baptized and confirmed; the gift of tongues is experienced (Oct. 29).They leave for Kirtland (Oct. 29).... (2)

-- January 1834
[Publication: 'The Unitarian'] "They . . . claim for themselves and the members of their church the power of speaking with tongues and of working miracles. They jabber with some strange sounds, and call this the speaking with tongues. They assert it as a fact, that among them the dead have been raised and the sick healed. From these facts, as they call them, they draw the conclusion that they are the members of the true church of Christ." [The Unitarian. Conducted by Bernard Whitman. Cambridge and Boston: James Munroe and Company, Booksellers to the University, 1834.] (3)

-- February 5, 1834
[Greene M. Evan] Tuesday 5 this day we met at Brother Rud[d]s at the lake this evening we had a meeting and a powerful time it was [to?] there was quite a large company together and Brother Wm Ssmithe [William Smith] spake in the gift of tongues with much power. . Amen (4)

-- February 6, 1834
[Greene M. Evan] Wedneseday 6th this day we visited some of our Bretheren in Springfield in evening we held a meeting in the schooll house in that place and Brother Wm . . Smith . . [William Smith] spake on the subject of the order of Gods house or the church of Christ and also spake in the gift of tounges* and two men arose and began to make some disturbance in the assembly in talking in the most abusive maner* to Brother Wm and disturbed us considerable . . But through the grace of God we were able to overcome the devil and they at last left the house in peace and we had a verry good meeting and the Lord blest us much . . (4)

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