Speaking in Tongues, Feb 12, 1834 (Wednesday)

-- Feb 12, 1834 (Wednesday)
[Joseph Smith Sermon] (Location: Joseph Smith Home, Kirtland, Ohio, USA

Source: Orson Hyde Record in the Kirtland Council Minute Book....

Brother Joseph then proceeded to give an explanation of the gift of tongues: That it was particularly instituted for the preaching of the Gospel to other nations and languages, but it was not given for the government of the Church. He further said, if brother Gordon [the individual who had spoken in tongues] introduced the gift of tongues as a testimony against brother Carpenter, that it was contrary to the rules and regulations of the Church, because in all our decisions we must judge from actual testimony. . . . Brother Joseph advised that [we] speak in our own language in all such matters and then the adversary cannot lead our minds astray . . . Brother said . . . that brother Gordon's tongues in the end, did operate as testimony, as by his remarks in tongues, the former decision was set aside, and his taken. That it was his decision that brother Gordon's manifestation was incorrect and from a suspicious heart. (1)

-- February 26, 1834
[Greene M. Evan] On Tuesday 26 this evening had an appointment about two miles north of this in the morning met at Bro . . Segars and Baptised two in the evening filled our appointment just before meeting commenced a sister was taken with a distress in her stomach and called for us to lay hands on her we went out and prayed to know whether it was right for that people to have a sign and got the witness that she should be healed went in and laid hands on her and commanded the disease in the name of Jesus to depart from her and then I prayed that the cloud of darkness might be broke then I exhorted and contended for the gifts of the Church and for the first time the Lord poured out his spirit and gave the gift of toungs unto in pub* and we had a glorious time some were convinced of the power of God and the next morning (2)

-- March 5, 1834
[Greene M. Evan] it being Tuesday 5 in the evening they caried* me to Bro . S . to meeting here we had a powerful time it was a prayer meeting and lasted verry late after it was dismissed it seemed as though the people could not go away and we got to talking and a Bro. brooke* into the gift of toungs* and then an other Bro . and then the spirit of interpertation* came upon me it was a powerful exhortation their neighbors [-] came forward to be baptised and in the morning Bro. H . waited upon them it being soon after his ordination and in the place of his residence he was blesse[d] much in the afternoon we went to sister Woodworths to meet Bro J [Joseph Smith] and found him a starting for another place but we stoped* him there in the evening BroÂ's and Sisters* Winchester came here for a visit had a good one (2)

-- Jul 31, 1834
Samuel Brown's license is withdrawn for encouraging brethern to speak in tongues. (3)

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