Speaking in Tongues, Autumn 1832

-- Autumn 1832
Ohio disciples receive gift of tongues [per Wilford Woodruff]. (1)

-- Nov 8, 1832
[Brigham Young Sermon] During this visit a meeting was held in which Brigham spoke in tongues. ... -- Kirtland, Ohio [Diary of Charles Lowell Walker. Andrew Karl Larson, ed. Logan: Utah State University Press, 1980. 134] (2)

-- Nov 14, 1832
[Joseph Smith] In Kirtland Smith "speak[s] with Tongues and Sing[s] in Tongues also," having learned about speaking with "unknown tongues" from Young a week earlier. (3)

-- November 14, 1832
[Zebedee Coltrin] "came to Kirtland to Brothers Joseph Smith and heard him Speak with Tongues and Sing in Tongues" (4)

-- Nov 15, 1832
November 15, 1832 Zebedee Coltrin returns from mission, hears Joseph speak and sing in tongues. (5)

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