Speaking in Tongues, Nov 12, 1835

-- Nov 12, 1835
[Joseph Smith Diary] ... But when you are endowed and prepared to preach the gospel to all nations, kindred and toungs [tongues] in there own languages you must faithfully warn all and bind up the testimony and seal up the law. ... (1)

-- Dec 29, 1835
[Patriarchal Blessings] Patriarchal Blessing of Lyman Wight given by Joseph Smith, Sr. on December 29, 1835 .... Thou hast labored much in the cause of thy God, even since the word was proclaimed in these regions, and great shall be thy rejoicing with those who were converted under thy ministry, in as much as they remain faithful, in the great day to come; yea, and great shall be thy reward in the Kingdom of God: for it is in thy power, by keeping the command-ments, to call thy thousands into the true fold, even among tongues and languages that thou knowest not: therefore, gird up thy loins like a man of God, lay aside every principle which is not ordained of him, seek humility and faith, that thy mind may be stayed upon the God of Jacob, who will deliver thee from the powers of darkness, and give thee power to do mighty works] ... (2)

-- During 1835
(Erastus Snow) Ordained a seventy during the Kirtland School of Prophets, and endowed in the Kirtland Temple with 360 others: "Then we all, like as did Israel when they surrounded Jericho, with one united voice gave shout of Hosannah, Hosannah, Hosannah to God and the Lamb; Amen, Amen, Amen. When this was done the Holy Ghost was shed forth upon us; some received visions of the Judgments that were to be poured out upon this generation; some spoke in tongues, some interpreted; others prophesied; others saw Zion in her glory, and the angels came and worshipped with us, and some saw them, yea, even twelve legions of them, the chariots of Israel and the horsemen thereof." (3)

(Zina D. H. Young) After baptism by Hyrum Smith, Zina's entire family moved to Kirtland, Ohio, where she exercised the "gift of tongues and interpretation thereof." Eliza R. Snow and Zina often worked as a revelatory team, one speaking in tongues while the other interpreted. (3)

-- Jan 17, 1836
[Joseph Smith Diary] 17th Sunday morning the 17th Attended meeting at the schoolhouse at the usual hour. A large congregation assembled. I proceeded to organize the several quorums present. First the Presidency, then the Twelve [Apostles], and the Seventy, all who were present. Also the Counsellers of Kirtland and Zion.

President Rigdon then arose and observed that instead of preaching the time would be occupied by the Presidency and Twelve [Apostles] in speaking each in their turn untill they had all spoken. The Lord poured out his spirit upon us and the brethren began to confess their faults one to the other. The congregation were soon overwhelmed in tears and some of our hearts were too big for utterance. The gift of toungs [tongues] come upon us also like the rushing of a mighty wind and my soul was filled with the glory of God. ... (1)

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