Speaking in Tongues, 1836: 11 September

-- 1836: 11 September
[Patriarchal Blessings] Betsy Pratt. (Given by Joseph Smith, Sen.)

... thou shalt see Angels. thou shalt speak in Tongues the wonderfull works of God yea if faithfull thou shalt see thy Children serving the Lord in righteousness in the Land of Zion. this is thy Blessing which is for thee and thy Children throughout their generations if faithful in keeping the commandments of the Lord and thou shalt desire it, thou shalt live to the age of seventy-five. even so, Amen." (From photocopy of manuscript; P8, f23, RLDS Archives.) [Age, 37; Scribe, ? Gibbs.] (1)

-- Dec 1, 1836
[Patriarchal Blessings] At a patriarchal blessing meeting held in the Lord's House this the first day of Decr. 1836 Joseph Smith Senr. the Patriarch of the church being present and holding the meeting, a blessing was conferred on the head of Elisha Wright born in Glover Vt. April 9th 1811

.... Thou shalt have power over unclean spirits, power over sickness, shalt command the destroyer to stand back say Satan get hence, power to preach in tongues and interpret languages. power to open the heavens, power to stand in the midst of Judgements, stand in courts.

thou shalt have power to translate thyself like Enoch, power over fires & flood power to instruct the Saints and bring them to Zion, power over the treasures of the earth ... (2)

-- During 1836
[Patriarchal Blessings] Patriarchal Blessing of John Lytle given by Joseph Smith, Sr. [no date, 1836]

... Thou shalt have power and authority to preach, to the Lamanites, the gospel of thy Saviour in its power & verity. Thou shalt if thou art humble and contrite have conferred upon thee, the gift of tongues so that thou mayest speak to the aboriginal inhabitants of this continent, the wonderful works of God in their own tongue by the power of the Holy Ghost. ... (2)

[Patriarchal Blessings] Patriarchal Blessing of Jonathan Fisher given by Joseph Smith, Sr. [no date, probably 1836]

-- Blessing of Jonathan Fisher who was born in Alstead New Hampshire April 6 1785

Brother Fisher: In the name of Jesus Christ the great Redeemer I lay my hands upon thy head and upon the head of thy seed and bestow upon thee a father[']s blessing. In thy future life if thou puttest thy trust in God thy father, thou shalt be blessed, though thou mayest see days of affliction, thou shalt be delivered from them and from the power of the enemy of all righteousness. The chastirements [chastisements] of thy heavenly Father shall work out unto thee an exceeding and eternal weight of glory. If thou with all thy heart desirest to be instrumental in my time, thou shalt have bestowed upon thee the gift of tongues. that thou mayest speak unto men the wonderful works of God in their language. Thou shalt have peace of mind on thy journey to thy friends. ... (2)

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