Speaking in Tongues, January (?) 1832

-- January (?) 1832
[Heber C. Kimball diary] "Upon one occasion Father John Young, Brigham, Joseph and myself had gathered together to get some wood for Phineas H. Young; while we were thus engaged we were pondering upon the things which had been told to us by the elders, and upon the Saints gathering to Zion; and the glory of God shone upon us, and we saw the gathering of the Saints to Zion and the glory that would rest upon them, and many more things connected with that great event, such as the sufferings and persecutions which would come upon the people of God, and the calamities and judgments which would come upon the world. These things caused such great joy to spring up in our bosoms that we were hardly able to contain ourselves; and we did shout aloud, `Hosanna to God and the Lamb!' These things increasing our desires to hear more, I took my horses and sleigh and started for Columbia, Bradford County, Pennsylvania—distance one hundred and twenty-five miles; Brigham and Phineas Young and their wives went along with me. We stayed with the Church there about six days, attended their meetings, heard them speak in tongues, interpret and prophesy, which truly caused us to rejoice and praise the Lord. We returned home confirmed in the truth, but were not yet baptized, and as we were on our way we bore testimony to the truth of those things which we had seen and heard, and to our friends and neighbors; many received our testimony and became members of the Church. (1)

-- During January , 1832
[Brigham Young] In January, 1832, my brother Phinehas and I accompanied Heber C. Kimball, who took his horses and sleigh and went to Columbia, Pennsylvania where there was a branch of the Church. We travelled through snow and ice, crossing rivers until we were almost discouraged; still our faith was to learn more of the principles of Mormonism.

We arrived at the place where there was a small branch of the Church; we conversed with them, attended their meetings and heard them preach, and after staying about one week we returned home, being still more convinced of the truth of the work, and anxious to learn its principles and to learn more of Joseph Smith's mission. The members of the branch in Pennsylvania were the first in the Church who received the gift of tongues. (2)

-- circa March 1832
[Revelation] Sample of Pure Language, circa March 1832

A Sample of pure Language given by Joseph the Seer as copied by Br Johnson

Question What is the name of God in pure Language



Q The meaning of the pure word A[w]men

A It is the being which made all things in all its parts.

Q What is the name of the Son of God.

A The Son Awmen.

Q What is the Son Awmen.

A It is the greatest of all the parts of Awmen which is the Godhead

the first born.

Q What [DEL:is] is man.

A This signifies Sons Awmen. the human family the children of men

the greatest parts of Awmen Sons the Son Awmen

Q What are Angels called in pure language.

A Awmen Angls-men

Q What are the meaning of these words.

A Awmen's Ministerring servants Sanctified who are sent forth

from heaven to minister for or to Sons Awmen the greatest part of

Awmen Son. Sons Awmen Son Awmen Awmen (3)

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