Speaking in Tongues, Feb 20, 1835

-- Feb 20, 1835
[Wilford Woodruff Journal] 20 Left Mr Snellin. Travled to Brother Wright Akemans. Spent the day in labouring with our hands. From thence to Mr Hubbel. Distance 3 miles. Spent the Evening in preaching the word to Mr Hubbels household. Brother Henry Spoke in tongues and interpeted the same. The Spirit of God rested upon us. (1)

-- May 22, 1835
[Quorum of Twelve] Freedom N. York, May 22, 1835. This morning agreeably to appointment, conference met in this place. The twelve apostles or travelling high council being present, after an agreeable salutation and rejoicing in each other's prosperity, Elder D. W. Patten being chairman conference was opened by singing and prayer by the president.

.... The representation of the church closed about 3 o'clock P.M. and the council then proceeded to give some general and particular instructions relative to the Â"word of wisdom", the gift of tongues and interpretation, prophecyings [sic] and of a proper use of all the spiritual gifts &c. after these remarks conference adjourned until tomorrow morning -- (2)

-- During June 1835
[Joseph Smith] The Messenger and Advocate publishes an article to the Missouri Saints outlining their duties: the high council is to administer the spiritual affairs of the Church, while the bishop should administer the temporal affairs. Joseph receives a brief visit from a Mr. Hewitt of the Irvingite Church in Scotland, which also believes in apostles, prophets, pastors, and gifts of tongues. (3)

-- Oct 25, 1835
[Joseph Smith Diary] Sunday, 25th [I] attended meeting. President Rigdon preached in the fore noon [and] Eider Lyman Johnson in the after noon. After which Elder S[eymour] Bronson [Brunson] joined Br[other] W[illia]m Perry and Sister Eliza Brown in matrimony and I blessed them with long life and prosperity in the name of Jesus Christ.

At evening I attended prayer meeting. Opened it and ex[h]orted the brethren and Sister[s] about one hour. The Lord pour[e]d out his spirit and some glorious things were spoken in the gift of toungs [tongues] and interp[r]eted concerning the redemption of Zion. (4)

-- Nov 3, 1835
[Wilford Woodruff Journal] 3rd Rode to Br Wests. Preeached at his house. Two persons had the gift of tongues. 2 mil. (1)

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