Speaking in Tongues, After February 27, 1833

-- After February 27, 1833
["Mysteries of God, As revealed to Enoch, on the Mount Mehujah, and sung in tongues by Elder D[avid] W. Patton [sic], of the 'Church of Latter Day Saints,'" -- heavily modified version from the Kirtland Revelations Book] As revealed to Enoch, on the Mount Mehujah, and sung in tongues by Elder D. W. Patten, of the Â"Church of Latter Day Saints,Â" (who fell a Martyr to the cause of Christ, in the Missouri persecution,) and interpreted by Elder S. Rigdon.

Age after age has rolled away,

Since man first dwelt in mortal clay,

And countless millions slept in death,

That once supplied a place on earth.

According to the fate of man,

Which God has fixed, in his own plan,

So age must come, and age must go,

Till work complete is here below.

Which had been seen by saints of old,

And by the Prophets were foretold;

Which wondrous things are drawing hear,

That Enoch saw, and saints did cheer.

Enoch, who did converse with God,

Stood on the mount, and stretch'd abroad,

His soul, wide as eternity,

He rent the veil, and wonders see.

With mighty faith he did expand,

O'er heaven and earth, and sea and land,

Till things above and things below,

He did behold; yea, did then know.

His heart, he tun'd to notes above;

His soul o'erwhelm'd with boundless love;

He sang a song in heavenly lays,

While angels tongues joined him in praise.

With finger-end God touched his eyes,

That he might gaze within the skies;

His voice he rais'd to God on high,

Who heard his groans, and drew him nigh.

With joy and wonder, all amaz'd,

Amid the heavenly throngs he gazed;

While Heavenly music charm'd his ear,

And angel notes removed all fear.

Hosanna! he aloud did cry,

To God, who dwells amid the sky;

Again, hosanna did resound,

Among the heavenly host around.

His voice he rais'd in highest strains,—

Echoed and re-echoed again,

Till heaven and earth his voice did hear—

Eternity did record bear.

The trump of God around the throne,

Proclaim'd the power of God anon;

And sounded loud what should take place,

From age to age, from race to race.

Among the heavenly host he sand,

God's scheme of life for sinful man,

And for the Gospel's saving grace,

He prais'd the father, face to face.

The end of all his labors here,

Were all unfolded to him there;

His city raised to dwell on high;

With all the saints above the sky.

He saw before him all things pass,

From end to end, from first to last;

Yea, things before the world began,

Or dust was fashion'd into man.

The place of Adam's first abode,

While in the presence of his God,

Before the mountains raised their heads,

On the small dust of balance weigh'd.

With God he saw, his race began,

And from him emanated man;

And with him did in glory dwell,

Before there was an earth or hell.

From age to age, what e'er took place,

Was present there, before his face;

And to the latest years of man,

Was plain before him, Heaven's plan.

His eyes with wonder did behold,

Eternal glories yet untold;

And glorious things of later time,

Which Angels have to tell to man.

He then did hear, in days of old,

The message that to John was told,—

The angel, which the news did bring,

He heard him talk, and heard him sing.

He knew before the days of John,

What glories were on him to dawn;

The message which he did receive,

He heard, and saw, and did believe.

He knew full well, what John should hear,

Concerning times and latter years—

When God, again, should set his hand,

To gather Israel to their land.

The Gospel then, from darkest shades,

Should rise and go with rapid strides,

Till nations distant far and near,

The glorious proclamation hear.

The angel which this news proclaim'd,

Should come and visit earth again,—

Commit the gospel, long since lost,

To man, with power, as at the first.



-- During Jun 1833
Saints in Zion receive gift of tongues [per Wilford Woodruff]. (2)

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2 - Tidd, N. R., "Mormon Chronology"

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