Speaking in Tongues, Jan 8, 1837.

-- Jan 8, 1837.
[Willard Richards Journal] --I partook of the sacrament, and was confirmed by Reynolds Cahoon. I received such a measure of the Spirit as to be sensible of the subject of a song of Zion, which was sung by Elder Lyman Sherman, in the gift of tongues, on the coming of Christ. (1)

-- Jan 28, 1837
[Patriarchal Blessings] Patriarchal Blessing of Jacob Zundel given by Joseph Smith, Sr. on January 28, 1837 .... and thou shalt travel into strange lands and preach to many nations yea kings and emperors and confound them by the wisdom that shall be given thee by the spirit and thou shalt go to Germany and preach to thy own nation and shall be instrumental in bringing many into the kingdom and shall have power to bring many of thy friends according to the flesh with thee to Zion, the city of the living God. Thou shalt not only speak in the German language but thou shalt speak in other tongues and shalt have the power of interpretation (if thou art faithful) by the power of the Holy Ghost that shall rest upon thee. ... (2)

-- Apr 6, 1837
[Wilford Woodruff Journal] April 6th 1837 This being more particular the day of the Solumn assembly or a day that is looked upon annually with feeling of greater interest in Celebration of the 6th of April 1830 as upon that day the Church of Latter day Saints was first organized in this last dispensation & fulness of times. Henceforth the Solumn assembly of the Elders of Israel & all official members that can, will meet in the LORDS house annually to attend to the most Solumn ordinances of the house of GOD & of receieving the visions & great things of heavens. Therefore I shall be more particular in recording the transactions of this day than others for it is sumthing similar to the Pentecost that St Paul speak of at Jerrusalem.

I repaired to the house of the Lord at 8 oclock A.M. & after spending an hour in the lower part of the house the presidency of the Church Called the quorums of the Seventies into the upper part of the house that they might be by themselves for a while as there was some business to be attended to in these quorums before they Could procede to the business of the day below. In the first place six of the Presidents of the Seventies were to leave the Seventies & take a station in the quorum of the travling high priesthood and six other Presidents chosen in their stead. I shall not here give the particulars of this change of Councillers. Suffice it to say that all of the Councillors first chosen excepting Joseph Young were high priest before the organization of the seventies & they had a right to officiate in the lower offices of the Church & there was some difference in the authority and office of the quorums of high Priesthood & Seventies. The six new Presidents Chosen out of the Seventies to take the place of thos that were to leave were: John Gould, Josiah Butterfield, Salmon Gee, [ ] Foster, John Gaylard.

After this matter was aranged there was a glorious ordinance performed upon the heads of those who had been anointed (by the first presidency of the Church Joseph Smith jr. Sidney Rigdon &c was this ordinance performed. It was as follows:

While all of the anointed present lifted there hands towards heaven this first presidency of the Church Confirmed & sealed upon our heads all the blessings of our ordination, anointing, & Patriarchal with a seal in the presence of God & the Lamb & holy angels that they should all be fulfilled upon our heads that not one jot or tittle should fail & the seal was confirmed upon our heads with a shout of all the anointed with uplifted hand to heaven HOSANNA, Hosanna, Hosanna, to GOD & the LAMB, Amen, Amen, & Amen. + Hosanna Hosanna, Hosanna, to GOD & the LAMB, Amen, Amen, & Amen. * Hosanna, Hosanna, Hosanna, to GOD & the LAMB, Amen, Amen, & Amen. This was repeated as it is written & if ever a shout entered the Cabinet of heaven that did & was repeated by angels on high & caused the power of God to rest upon us.

(O ye Priest of Baal. O, ye Gentile religionest. O ye inhabitants of Babylon possessing the mark of the beast, what knowledge have ye of the ordinances or blessings or virtues of the house & Church of God?) Great and marvelous are the blessings and power of the ordinances of the Lord & his gospel made manifest on these occasions.

After being in the upper room about two hours we again Joined the congregation of the Saints in the lower Court & the house came to order for the business of the day. The veils were closed & each apartment commenced the duties of the day.

The washing of the feet of the anointed was the first business that was performed. The twelve assisted our presidency in washing the feet. Elder Heber Kimble one of the twelve apostles attended to the washing of my feet & prophesied upon my head & pronounced me clean from the Blood of this generation. This as it was with JESUS when he washed his deciples feet. Great were the blessings that rested upon us in this ordinance.

After the washing of feet, the veils were rolled, which brought the congregation into one assembly. The stand of the priesthood were still coverd with the veils. The Presidency stood in the lower stand & President Joseph Smith jr. arose and addressed the Congregation for the term of three hours Clothed with the power, spirit, & image of GOD. He unbosom'd his mind & feelings in the house of his friends. He presented many things of vast importance to the minds of the Elders of Israel.

O that they might be written upon our hearts as with an iron pen to remain forever that we might practice them in our lives. That fountain of light, principle & virtue that came forth out of the heart & mouth of the prophet JOSepH whose Soul like Enochs swell'd wide as eternity. I say such evidences presented in such a forcible manner ought to drive into oblivion every particle of unbelief & dubiety from the mind of the hearers, for such language sentiment principle & spirit cannot flow from darkness. Joseph Smith jr. is a prophet of God rised up for the deliverance of Israel as true as my heart now burns within me while I am penning thes lines which is as true as truth itself.

President Hiram Smith followed Joseph with many useful remarks. He also was Clothed with much of the spirit of God. Joseph desired us to give heed to his words & teaching this once & be wise that Zion & her stakes might spedily be redeemed. He instructed us to be sure & ask those that enter the Kingdom to send up their wise men to Kirtland with there money to counsel with the presidency & purchase an interitance before they move their families or bring the poor to the places of gathering for to suffer. Also that we must keep in view the institution of the Kirtland Safety Society & if the Elders of Israel would be faithful & do what was in their power this once Kirtland should spedily be redeemed & become a strong hold not be thrown down.

Joseph presented us in some degree the plot of the city of Kirtland (which is the strong hold of the daughter of Zion) as it was given him by vision. It was great marvelous & glorious. The city extended to the east, west, North, & South. Steam boats will come puffing into the city. Our Goods will be conveyed upon railroads from Kirtland to many places & probably to Zion. Houses of worship would be reared unto the most high. Beautiful streets was to be made for the Saints to walk in. Kings of the earth would come to behold the glory thereof & many glorious things not now to be named would be bestowed upon the Saints. But all these thing are better imagined than spoken by the Children of Jacob.

President Olvier Cowdery followed Hiram Smith & made but few remarks but verry appropriate. He called upon the Elders to keep within the bounds of their knowledge & to let the great mysteries of the Kingdom alone for the gentiles had not a knowledge even of the first principles of the gospel. That it was far better to preach what the people would call the small things of the Bible than to enter into the vishions of Isaiah, Ezekiel, & John &c.

President Sidney Rigdon next spoke & said many important things and impress'd it upon the Elders of Israel with great force & eloquence to lay to with their mights this once for the redemption of Kirtland that Israel may be safe & free and have a place to set his foot <for if we do give heed to the word we should sin less.>

After the Presidency Closed their remarks the twelve were Called upon to break bread for the multitude (as Jesus did in the days of the Apostles) that they might all be filled. They did so & we were all filled & was made glad while feasting with Patriarchs, Prophets, Apostles, Evangelest, Pasters, Teachers, & Deacons.

After the feast was Closed thanks was returned to GOD with uplifted hands to heaven this being about the seting of the son. All had the privilege of returning to thir homes that felt disposed & the rest might spend the night in the house of the Lord in prayer, & exhortation, praise & thanksgiving.

At about candle light the meeting commenced with great interest. Joseph requested the congregation to speak their feelings freely & pray according to the spirit. The saints began to open their mouths & they were filled with language unto edification one a prayer another exortation some a doctrin & a psalm others a toungue, some an interpretation. Prophecy was also poured out upon us & all things was done decently & in order & the night was spent gloriously by the saints. Much of the gifts of the gospel rested upon us.

One Brother Clothed with the gift of tongues laid his hands upon my head & prophesied great blessing upon me. Another Brother possessing the interpretation uttered it unto me to my joy & consolation with the many blessing pronounced upon my head he rehersed the blessing that Jacob pronounced upon the heads of Joseph & said that I should possess the blessings of heaven & of earth & be much blessed in my ministry &c.

Much Prophecy was uttered upon the heads of many of the Saints in other languages & was interpeted which was glorious. Thus was this day & night spent gloriously & those scenes will long be remember e d. ... (3)

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