Speaking in Tongues, 1837: 13 June

-- 1837: 13 June
[Patriarchal Blessings] Flora Jacobs. (Given by Joseph Smith, Sen.)

... Thou shalt have a place in a stake of Zion shalt have many Servants & maid servants shalt have the power of God shall see the glory of God thou shalt have the gift of speaking in tongues Shall have the interpretation of tongues Thou shalt do a great work in Zion among the Lamanites shall instruct their daughters in the principles of righteousness and in the principles of domestic life All the righteous desires of thy heart shall be granted thee if thou hast desired to tarry in the flesh to see the winding up scene of this generation that desire shall be given thee if thou hast desired to see thy Savior it shall be granted thee ... (1)

-- July 6, 1837
[Mary Fielding Smith] [July 6:?] Our thursday meeting was again better than any former one. the hearts of the people were melted and the Spirit & power of God rested down upon us in a remarkable manner many spake in tongues & others prophesied & interpreted. it has been said by many who have lived in Kirtland a great while, that such a time of love & refreshing has never been known. some of the Sisters while engaged in conversing in tounges their countenences beaming with joy, clasped each others hands & kissd in the most affectina<te> manner. they were describing in this way the love and felicitys of the Celestial World. altho the House of the Lord was more than half filld during this time their were few dry faces the Brether<en> as well as the Sisters were all melted down and we wept and praised God together some of the prophicies deliverd in toungs and interpre<td> were so great that I cannot begin to describe them but I do assure you. (2)

-- Dec 6, 1837
[Patriarchal Blessings] ... At a blessing meeting held in the Lord[']s House in Kirtland this this 6th of Dec 1837 By Joseph Smith sen the Patriarch of the Church of Latter day saints A Patriarchal Blessing was pronounced on the head of Luman Andros Shirtliff Son of Noah Shirtliff ... Thou shalt be mighty in the Earth the time shall come when mountains shall fall down at thy word if it shall be calculated to bring forth the Glory of God and the furtherance of his work in the Earth The time come when thou shall say to the winds and waves be still and they shall obey you yea Prisons Bars and Gates shal[l] give way at thy word Thou shalt go to the furthest Bounds of the Earth yea beyond the great waters Thou shall go and preach the Gospel of the Kingdom to a people off [of] whom you have not he[a]rd And speaking a language which you didst not know whose speech you neaver [never] did hear If thou wilt look to God by Faith he will give you his spirit and thou shall prevail thou shall preach in Tongues and have the interpretation of tongues Thou shall have the spirit and Power of God and prevail I pray God to uphold and support thee and show thee thy duty Thou hast desired to know it Be faithful and thou shall understand and comprehend the Heavens shall comprehend the mysteries of his kingdom And the mysteries of this generation ... (3)

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