Speaking in Tongues, Sep 8, 1834

-- Sep 8, 1834
New Portage, Ohio. At a conference of elders, Joseph Smith answered questions regarding the gift of tongues and told the brethren -"that it was particularly instituted for the preaching of the Gospel to other nations,-" and not for governing the Church. (1)

-- Sept. 8th, 1834
Minutes of a conference of the Elders of the Church of the Latter-Day Saints, held at New Portage Ohio. September 8th 1834. ...

Brother A. Palmer made a few observations, and proceeded to present a case which had previously occasioned some difficulty in the church. It was that a certain brother Carpenter had been tried for a fault before the church when the Church gave him a certain time to reflect whether he would acknowledge or not. Brother Gordon at the time spake in tongues and declared that brother Carpenter should not have any lenity. He, brother Palmer, wished instruction on this point, whether they had proceeded right or not, as brother Carpenter was dissatisfied &c.

Brother Joseph then proceeded to give an explanation of the gift of tongues: That it was particularly instituted for the preaching of the Gospel to other nations and languages, but it was not given for the government of the Church. He further said, if brother Gordon introduced the Gift of tongues as a testimony against brother Carpenter, that it was contrary to the rules and regulations of the Church, because, in all our decisions we must judge from actual testimony. Brother Gordon said the testimony was had and the decision given before the gift of tongues was manifest. Brother Joseph advised that [we] speak in our own language in all such matters, and then the adversary cannot lead our minds astray. Brother Palmer then gave a relation of a certain difficulty which took place in a conference He, brother Palmer presided, when several of the brethren spoke out of order and brother J. B. Bosworth refuses to submit to order according to his (brother Palmers) request. He now wished instruction on this point, whether he, or some one else should preside over this branch of the Church, and also whether such conduct could be approbated in conferences. Brother Gordon then made some remarks on the subjects which was at the time before the council.

Brother Joseph said, relative to the first question, that brother Gordons Tongues in the end, did operate as testimony, as, by his remarks in tongues, the former decision was set aside, and his taken. That it was his decision that brother Gordons manifestation was incorrect, and from a suspicious heart. He approved the first decision, but discarded the second. Brother Joseph Keeler said that in the former decision he had acted hastily himself in urging brother Carpenter to make acknowledgement without having time to reflect. He asked forgiveness wherein he had erred. Brother Gordon said he discovered that he was in an error, and was satisfied with this council, & was willing to ask forgiveness of the brethren and of the Lord. Decision was then given on the second question that brother J. B. Bosworth was out of his place in opposing brother Palmer, when he (brother Palmer) ordered the council. A vote was then taken whether the conference was satisfied with the two decisions. Passed by unanimous vote. A motion was then made and passed by unanimous vote that a letter be written to brother J. B. Bosworth informing him of the last decision, That he has acted out of place in opposing brother Palmer in a former council, when requested to take his seat, that the business might proceed according to order and that such letter be signed by the clerk of this conference, by the direction of the same The case of brother Milton Stow was then brought up when it was proven that he had delivered prophecies at two differnt times which were not true. At one time in saying that Zion was redeemed, and at another in saying that brother Carpenter was cut off forever, and also in saying, that sister Carpenter was dead. When it was decided by vote that brother Milton Stow be, and by the decision of this conference is suspended from the priveleges of the Church of the Latter Day-Saints and from acting in the authority of an Elder in said Church of the Latter Day-Saints till he appear before the Bishops council at Kirtland and make proper satisfaction. Conference closed by prayer of the Clerk.

Oliver Cowdery

Clerk of Conference

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