The history of Z.C.M.I, Feb 15, 1892

-- Feb 15, 1892
[President Wilford Woodruff Journal] 15 I spent the day in the office. I wrote Letter to M Thatcher A H Lund J W Clark on Woodruff Genealogy. I met with Z.C.M.I Board. Not a quorum. I went to the Theater in the Evening. (1)

-- Mar 15, 1892
Depositions in Salt Lake City about Nauvoo polygamy and other matters for so-called "Temple Lot case." Depositions begin on Apr. 18 at Independence, Missouri. At Z.C.M.I. director's meeting Apostle Moses Thatcher offers to resign as a director but backs out when his offer is accepted. (2)

[President Wilford Woodruff Journal] 15 I spent the Day in the Gardo. I met with the Board of Z.C.M.I. Moses Thatch[er] wished to resign from the Board & Execitive Comittee & wished to sell his stock. We had a hard East wind in the Night. (1)

-- Tuesday, Mar 15, 1892
[Apostle John Henry Smith Diary] Salt Lake City

I returned to the City and attended the Directors meeting of Z.C.M.I. We had long sitting and a rather warm one. Bro. M. Thatcher was badly keyed up. He made a proposition to buy the surplus Z.C.M.I. stock which was taken under advisement. He proposed to resign and it was accepted but he back[ed] out. (3)

-- Thursday Apr 21, 1892
[John Nuttle Diary] Bought a pare of Shoes at Z.C.M.I. $5.00 I left by the 950 train for Manti arrived at 350. Bro Jesson was there with team to take me to the Temple. I conversed with Bro A H Lund about sister Barratts Sealings & anointings. and explained to him my conversation with Prests Woodruff & Cannon on her affairs. He was quite satisfied for me to officiate for & in behalf of Prest John Taylor. Sister M K Barratt. born Jan 17. 1834 at Stockport Cheshme England was sealed to Presi. John Taylor. I being his proxy. she was afterwards anointed to him. I being proxy by Pres. Anthon H Lund. Bro L. C. Mareger was on the train with me he going to Kanab. we conversed on Kanab matters. I met Bro Richard Hall & called in to see Sister Hall whom I had not met for a many years, was pleased to See them. Spent the evening at Bro John B. Maiben's with he & wives & Sister Barratt. Had supper at the Temple Hotel & slept there. (4)

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