The history of Z.C.M.I, Thursday, Jan 16, 1902

-- Thursday, Jan 16, 1902
[Apostle Rudger Clawson Diary] Salt Lake City. Cloudy and cool. 10 a.m. Meeting at the temple. Present: the First Presidency, and Apostles Jno. H. Smith, Geo. Teasdale, Jno. W. Taylor, Marriner W. Merrill, Rudger Clawson, Reed Smoot, Hyrum M. Smith, and Geo. F. Gibbs, clerk. Song, "Think Not When Ye Gather to Zion." Apostle Jno. W. Taylor was mouth in prayer, and Pres. Smith in the circle. Song, "For the Strength of the Hills, We Bless Thee."

Corrected minutes of Jan. 2, and minutes of Jan. 9, 1902, and of Oct. 31, 1901, were read and approved. Conference appointments: Big Horn, Apostle Woodruff; San Luis, Apostle Cowley; Weber, First Presidency and Apostles Jno. H. Smith and Clawson.

Apostle Merrill said he was pleased that Apostle Woodruff had been appointed to visit the Big Horn Stake at this time, as there were matters arising there in relation to colonization that needed attention. He further remarked that the Big Horn is a good country for our people.

Apostle Clawson said he felt that sisters who were called to positions in the church should be carefully questioned as to their views and feelings toward the principles which we espouse, as there is danger in calling some to office who have no faith in plural marriage. The brethren were instructed to do this and also have presidents of stakes adopt the same rule.

The clerk read a letter from Brother D. T. Miller, committee in charge of the publication of the Book of Mormon in the Tahitian language. He had sought and received bids for the printing of the work, as follows:

Magazine Printing Co.:

1000 copies,


2000 copies,


5000 copies,


Deseret News Co.:

1000 copies,


2000 copies,


5000 copies,


Apostle Jno. H. Smith said that he felt that this and other similar works and, in fact, all church literature ought to be published at home, but in his opinion the Deseret News Co. is high in price. Apostle Clawson took the same view and said that in getting a blank record at the News office for use of the trust-in-trust, they fixed the price at $15.00, and yet as good a book could have been purchased at Z.C.M.I. for about $5.00, and this led him to the thought that the News co., which is a church business, is disposed to take advantage of the church itself. Apostles Jno. H. Smith and Clawson were appointed a committee to confer with the manager of the News co. concerning the publication of the work above referred to, with authority to act.

A letter from Pres. Geo. C. Parkinson was read [by] the clerk. He suggested the propriety of dividing the Preston Ward into four wards and submitted the names of four brethren for bishops. The population of said ward is about 1400 souls, and it was thought by some of the brethren to be too small for four wards but might make two. The matter was referred to Apostle Merrill to investigate.

Apostle Teasdale reported that he had installed Jas. Taylor as bishop of Levan. Apostle Teasdale made verbal application for appropriation of $400 to pay off indebtedness on the meeting house of 1st Ward, Nephi. Matter referred to the Presidency for their consideration.

Apostle Jno. W. Taylor reported the visit of himself and Hyrum M. Smith to the Emery Stake. While there, the bishopric of Castle Dale was reorganized with Jno. Y. Jensen, bishop, and Wellington, with Eugene Branch as bishop.

A long letter from Apostle Grant addressed to the Presidency was read by the clerk. He felt that Japan would yet become a good field for missionary work and thought some young elders should be sent there to study the language. Pres. Smith and the brethren did not think the time had arrived for sending more elders to Japan. It would be time enough to consider that question after a branch of the church had been organized. Benediction by Apostle Merrill. (1)

-- Thursday, Oct 9, 1902
[Apostle Rudger Clawson Diary] Salt Lake City. Clear and mild. 10 a.m. Meeting at the temple. Present: Presidents Jos. F. Smith, Jno. R. Winder, and Anthon H. Lund, and Apostles Teasdale, Cowley, Woodruff, Clawson, Smoot, Hyrum M. Smith, and Jno. Smith, patriarch, and clerk. The brethren clothed and sang, "Though Deepening Trials Throng the Way." Apostle Teasdale was mouth in prayer, and Apostle Taylor at the altar. The brethren disrobed and sang, "Sons of Michael, He Approaches." Minutes of Sep. 25 and Oct. 2, 1902, were read and approved.

The clerk read a letter from Sister Jno. G. McQuarrie acknowledging receipt of $60.00. She said among other things that, if the Presidency had decided to keep her husband, Brother Jno. G. McQuarrie, still longer in the mission field, the decision is unjust. Pres. Smith explained that the $60 had been sent to Sister McQuartie to relieve her present wants, and that $30 would be sent to her each month during the absence of her husband. After brief discussion regarding the spirit of her letter, it was decided upon motion of Apostle Clawson, that Brother Jno. G. McQuarrie be retained in the mission field until next July 1903.

Referring to another matter Pres. Smith said that Brother [Samuel] McMurdy of Cache Valley, being in great financial distress with his property and some lands in which he was interested under mortgage to Thatcher Bros. and Z.C.M.I., the Presidency had concluded recently to authorize Zion's Savings Bank to loan him a little moneyâ€"some $2000â€"to relieve the situation. The church is, therefore, behind the loan. Brother McMurdy with others is trying to organize a corporation to hold and manage the lands referred to, and which are now subject to mortgage, and desires the church to subscribe the amount of the said loan in stock of the corporation. In view of the fact that nothing would be realized from this loan in its present form, it was decided to take stock in the said corporation.

The clerk read a very interesting letter from Apostle Francis M. Lyman, dated Sep. 26, 1902, regarding some difficulties that had arisen through the unwise conduct of elders, who were employing a portion of their time in sparking the girls. A letter from Jas. Duckworth, president of the Australia Mission and dated Sep. 11, was read. The prospects for that mission are good, although the elders are experiencing trouble with the Josephites.

Apostle Woodruff was appointed by unanimous vote to visit the Northern States Mission and attend the fall conferences that are under appointment.

Stake conference appointments: Emery, Apostle Cowley; Utah, First Presidency and Apostle Clawson. Benediction by Apostle Cowley. (1)

1 - Stan Larson (editor), A Ministry of Meetings: The Apostolic diaries of Rudger Clawson, Signature Books in association with Smith Research Associates, Salt Lake City, 1993

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