The history of Z.C.M.I, Nov 16, 1891

-- Nov 16, 1891
[President Wilford Woodruff Journal] 16 In Company with G Q Cannon & H B Clawson we went on board of the Cars & had an interview with Isaac Trumbo & rode with him to Morgan City Weber Station & returned to Salt Lake. Distance 90 m. We Met with the board of ZCMI & Met with Mr Norton Member of Parliament and had a long Conversation with him upon Mormon affairs. I signed 20 Recommends. Receivd 11 Letters. (1)

-- Nov 20, 1891
[President Wilford Woodruff Journal] 20 I signed 17 Recommends. I received 3 Letters. I signed 67 ZCMI stocks. My grand Daughter Vedi was taken Dangerously sick supposed with Diptherea. I visited her in the Evening & laid hands upon her & she seemed Better. I attended the Ball Appointed for Deseret Hospital. I Staid untill 12 <o'clock>. (1)

-- Dec 2, 1891
[President Wilford Woodruff Journal] 2 I went to the Office in a hard Hail Storm & met with many Brethren. I met with a Committee from Provo About selling land in Provo And we held a Meeting in Z.C.M.I to form An investmet Company. A Committee was Apointed to get subscription &c. I went to Brother A F MCDonalds & spent the Evening. (1)

-- Dec 11, 1891
[Apostle Heber J. Grant Diary] . . . All of those who attended the meeting at 11 AM expressed themselves as very much in favor of forming a firm for the purpose of borrowing money to aid the sugar factory and other industries needing assistance. The name of Cannon, Grant & Co. was decided upon for the firm, and the following agreement was signed; -- "We the undersigned have this day voluntarily associated ourselves together as partners under the name of Cannon, Grant & Co. for the purpose of borrowing and loaning money, the individual interest of each partner to be mutually agreed upon in proportion to the amount of stocks which he may assign in blank to the firm. HJ Grant is authorized to act as the agent for the firm, and to borrow money on stocks in the firm’s possession, and to sign the firm name to promissory notes for such amounts, and for such length of time as he may see proper, making an account to the firm for all moneys borrowed." signed December 11, 1891 Geo[rge
] Q. Cannon, Heber J. Grant, WM H. Rowe, Elias Morris, Nephi W. Clayton, Geo[rge] M. Cannon, Elias A. Smith, Leonard G. Hardy, Jesse W. Fox, Jr., Jos[eph] F. Smith, Abraham H. Cannon, Henry A. Woolley. I could not help but contrast the difference between the feeling manifested in our meeting today when the firm of Cannon, Grant & Co. was formed and that which developed at the meeting held at the ZCMI some days ago when the organization of an Investment Co. was being considered. Something over $200,000 in securities were delivered to me as the agent for the firm of Cannon, Grant & Co. (off to San Francisco) with sick wife, met Mattie Hughes (2)

-- Dec 15, 1891
[President Wilford Woodruff Journal] 15 I went to the City And Attended the Z.C.M.I Board Meeting. I met with Judg Este & Col Trumbow & others. I was quite Poorly. (1)

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